Edward Patrick Moloney

A History of My Great-Great Grandfather

Early Years

Edward Patrick Moloney was born on March 25, 1863 in Dungarvan, County Waterford Ireland. Dungarvan is a town and harbor on the southern coast of Ireland. Edward's life was most likely difficult up until he decided to leave for America because of the circumstances in Ireland at the time of his departure. Ireland had recently been through the potato famine, which resulted in the deaths of over a million people, and the emigration of over a million people. Young men like Ed were leaving their homes, family, and their land in search of any opportunity to make money. Ed left Ireland in 1880. He sailed from County Waterford to San Francisco, alone, at the age of 17.

irish emigrants leaving home

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A New Life in America

It would be safe to say that Edward may have never traveled outside of the county he lived in. A trip to America may have seemed exciting to a 17 year old boy, but also may have been terrifying, grueling, and lonely. Ed was able to find work as a stevedore on the docks of San Francisco. A stevedore is a person employed to unload and load cargo from ships.

Port Of San Francisco circa 1900

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Life in California

Ed continued to work as a stevedore. He married Ellen Regina Mansfield at St. Mary's Church in Oakland in 1895. In 1889, Edward sent money for the passage of his mother, Margaret Mary Hannigan, and brother, John Moloney, from Ireland to America. In 1898, Helen and Ed had their first child, Mary Margaret. They had another 4 girls and 2 boys after Margaret. Ed quickly rose up the ranks at the docks. He was active in the Longshoremen's Union. Ed was successful and was always able to provide well for his family. My great grandfather, one of Ed's sons, said that they were the first family on the block to own a car.

1915 Ford Model T Town Car

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Later Years

When Ed was older, he moved to San Mateo with his sister, Peg. They moved in with my great grandfather, great grandmother, great aunt, and grandma. He lived there for around 5 years or so. On October 1, 1958, Edward Patrick Moloney passed away at the age of 95. He was a quiet, stern, and patriarchal man, but was kind to all of his family. Ed was a hardworking family man, who lived a good, long life.

Ed Patrick Moloney with Helen Mansfield

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