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To Everything There is a Season

The way time flows is so interesting. We know that accountants are crazed between January and April and that environmentalists are focused on Earth Day, also in April. We've got holidays with their own special rhythm and now I can tell you that February launches the season of decluttering. Or of people wanting tips on how to do it. My public appearances, workshops and radio interview all took an uptick in February and continue through May. It must be that in January we acknowledge how stuffed we feel in all the ways (!) and start getting curious and motivated by February.

Here, with gratitude, is where I've been and where I'm going:

Mindful Self-Management Group Coaching Program for Adults with ADHD at the Perelman School of Medicine
Fumo Library

Bala Cynwyd Library

G-Town Radio - listen here!

#ZeroWaste Passover Webinar

Rittenhouse Institute Library - Saturday, April 13th @ 3:00 pm

Montgomery County Library - Wednesday, April 24th @ 6:30 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 3 questions asked at almost every workshop I present? Glad you asked:

Q: I really want to declutter but my husband (wife, kid) has so much stuff around but I can't because of him (her, them.)

A: When I hear this one, I ask these clarifying questions: Just to be clear, are you saying that all the clutter in your home belongs to others? Is any of it yours? Most often the response is a hearty laugh. We place obstacles in front of ourselves before we even start. Do as much as you can, model the process, communicate the importance of the space you have delineated and have a discussion about your home environment.

Q: I don't have time to go through all the paper in my house and it adds up so quickly. What do I do?

A: Walk along 2 parallel tracks. Make a commitment to go through the mail daily. Take the recycling to the recycling bin immediately. Place things that need attention in a designated spot. You can do this even though you think you can't. Then, address your existing stacks of paper. Make a commitment to do 10 minutes daily OR 10 pieces of paper daily. See where the trends are in the papers you are keeping. Try and set up a filing system. If you can't do it, drop me a line for one-hour coaching phone or zoom call or 2-hour house call to set up system. Commit to 10 minutes or 10 papers daily.

Q: I don't want to trash things but what do I do with them?

A: The easiest answer is to take them to any thrift shop. If you want to go deeper, see my list of list of places that accept donations.

Featured Non-Profit Org: Philadelphia Furniture Bank

Getting rid of furniture is hard so I was thrilled to find out about this organization. The Philadelphia Furniture Bank is affiliated with Pathways to Housing PA and will gladly accept your donations.I love their tag line: Because a Home is More than Four Walls.

Here is what they say: When you donate to Philadelphia Furniture Bank, your furniture goes directly to Philadelphia residents in need. Plus, you're helping the environment by recycling your furniture and keeping it out of landfills. All furniture donations are tax deductible

Here are their guidelines regarding donations. Don't wait for me -- make the call now.

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Client Comments

Thanks to my clients for the privilege of sharing time and organizing space together. I especially love the stories that arise while we work and thank you for sharing them with me. You can read some thoughts about my workshops, book and house calls here.

Where to Donate Things

Here is a list of places in the Philly area. Please feel free to send me resources that you bump into.

Gari Weilbacher's DeClutter2DeLight!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari

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