Technology Is Taking Over.

Are people too dependent on technology and the internet?

Technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before in history. We are continually discovering more ways to do things faster and easier, to make our lives more simple. It has taken many great minds to reach the point that we are at in our technological advances and our society. But the knowledge to make those advances didn’t just appear overnight, they had to work at it. All this advancement has really taken a toll on our society and our brains. As technology has advanced so has our total dependency on it to run our lives and our minds, which in the end will not turn out well.

Why are people so reliant on technology and the internet?

When I think of how much the internet has taken over today’s society, I think back to when I was younger and how much enjoyment I would get out of riding a bike on the street. But now, when everything is at the tip of your fingers or a few mouse clicks away, not one person would think it’s a bad thing. It is amazing, isn’t it? You’re looking for the location of a Chinese restaurant and all you have to do is type the name of it into Google and you’ve got results within seconds. Now if that isn’t amazing, I don’t know what is.

What’s concerning about the use of technology and internet like this is because of how dependent almost everyone is on it. It would truly be chaotic if all the technology and internet suddenly stopped working. We have some homework and don’t know an answer for something, our first instinct is to pull up Google and search for it. Books don’t even seem to come to mind anymore. In fact I think that would be many people’s last resort. You need information on WW2? Well, Google and many other websites will have what you need.

Because of the internet, it makes hard for us to pull ourselves to the library to find a good book about the WW2 that you need for school. Why would you, when it’s all online somewhere anyway? We don’t even have to buy textbooks to school anymore because everything is on a hard drive or online somewhere. The dependency on the internet has made us lazy.

Not only has technology and the internet made us lazy, but we use it so often and so much that we have become addicted. There are many social sites on which we can keep in contact with loved ones and friends. But is this a good thing? Being a user of Facebook and Tumblr I can tell you I have had sleepless nights because of constantly being on the two and looking at people’s profiles or ‘reblogging’ a cool picture of some neon artwork. I’m not saying everyone is addicted but we use the internet much more than I think we should. Some of us (using the word ‘us’ to generalise our society as a whole) don’t know when it is time to stop and go outside or get a good night sleep.

Linking in with addiction, there are new illnesses due to technology and the internet. ‘Nomophobia’ (the anxiety of not having a mobile phone on you), ‘Cybersickness’ (disorientation and dizziness some people feel when interacting with certain digital environments), IAD (internet addiction disorder) and ‘Cyberchondria’ (the tendency to believe you have diseases you read about online) are just some of the illnesses that arise from the use of technology. It may not apply to everyone but it is something many people may have come across at one point from being on the computer for long periods of time.

Now, with all my reasons as to why today’s society has become too dependent on the internet and technology along with the harmful things that come with it (which there are many more that I haven’t mentioned) I would just like to say I love the internet. I think it is a wonderful thing and technology is astonishing in regards to medical research and more. But, sometimes I think people need to get out more and take in the world around them rather than having their head’s stuck in their laptop or their phone catching up on the latest drama on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc.

You can look at pictures on your phone of the Himalayan Mountains and The Pyramids of Giza but if you don’t put your phone or laptop away and go outside to explore, you will never experience such things.

Take in all the beauty around you. Appreciate the birds you see flying overhead and appreciate the way the grass feels on the bottom of your feet and maybe even pick up a good book!

Don’t waste away your life sitting behind a screen day dreaming of going places when you have the power to do the things you want. It is your life. You are in charge of how you run it.

Change it for the better.