fair use for French 2 project

grades 9-12

The assignment

Imagine you are going to be in France - use websites to plan a 3-4 day itinerary of what things you would do in Paris. Choose a hotel and sites that you would see. You may only spend one day shopping. Include the prices for how you will get to the island and back to France as well as images of what you would see. (France-000286 by Dennis Jarvis available at https://flic.kr/p/oq2goi

CC BY-SA 2.0)


What does that mean? You use someone else's work without permission - like plagiarism. What's covered under copyright law? VIDEOGAMES, COMPUTER SOFTWARE, MOVIES, PHOTOS, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS, AUDIO RECORDINGS, PAINTINGS, WORKS OF ART, CHOREOGRAPHY, DRAMATIC WORKS, MUSIC, LYRICS AND LITERARY WORKS. Use what is applicable to the assignment BUT you must give credit where's it's due and make sure you are mindful of how to use the image/video you choose. If you use something that is under PUBLIC DOMAIN - you're not restricted by copyright so you don't have to have a license to use that image/video.

How do I know if I'm violating copyright law? What's fair use?

The 4 factor tes for fair uset:

1. purpose and character of the use: how is the copyrighted material going to be used by you?

2. Nature of the copyrighted work - what's it's purpose - entertainment/factual/creative/nonfiction?

3. amount and importance used - how much of the work are you going to use - fair use = smaller chunks being used of the original

4. effect on potential market for or value of copyrighted work - am I going to make $$ off of the work I creating based on someone else's work?

***you may use fair use (not getting permission by the original creator) if you are creating a criticism (a critique of the hotel or visitor site, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research!*** Other exemptions would be using *segments* of tv shows that are related to the course topic and still images that apply.


What is that?? By adding value to an image/copyrighted material or repurposing it for a different use.


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How to give credit?

Attribution is the vocabulary to know. Giving credit where credit is due. Using Creative Commons, the permission is already given. Since your class uses chrome books for class, use the add-on called OPEN ATTRIBUTE to format how to give the credit (attribute) the creator with their creation. Include title, author, source and license.