The Fall of New France

By: Anisha, Rasin, Hiral, Kenisha, and Lakshya

What is the Fall of New France?

The Fall of New France was the end of the seven years war. It happened over a span of 1760 and 1763. This was a gradual time period when the British troops occupied the remainder of New France, which became a British colony in 1763. The French first surrendered to the British on September 9, 1760. Since the early 1754 both the French and British were at each other’s necks as from that moment on both colonies dispatched troops to protect their beloved motherland. The french though send only a few troops because they thought that their War in Europe was their top priority. The French thought it was the most important to protect their colonies in the West Indies, since the sugar canes there was more lucrative than the Fur Trade in New France.

The Fall of New France changed how we do things TODAY!

This war resulted in the reinforcement of Roman Catholic churches and old feudal system of the Quebec society in the late 18th century.