The Heart Arrow Quest

Wilderness Adventure for Men

Connect with Nature... Connect with Your Soul

The Heart Arrow Quest is a 4-day and 3-night ceremony designed to help you re-vision your life. Born from Andrew and Mark’s spontaneous work together with dreams, archery, and wilderness questing, it is a time and place for soul-searching, creativity, inspiration, and renewed commitment—in a spirit of adventure and fellowship.

Spend 4 Days In Conversation with Nature, Your Soul and the Soul of the World.

Prepare to go far and see much on your solo walk in nature. The Fall Vision Quest Ceremony begins Thursday night with arrival at our inspiring wilderness campsite. There we reacquaint ourselves with the rhythms of nature and begin to build a conscious community of fellow men gathered to engage our soul's calling. With soul and spirit we light a fire of collective intention which burns throughout the weekend and beyond.

We'll spend the first day in preparation exploring the land and discovering how its stories intersect with our own: Including our hopes, dreams, and possibilities. The second day you enter the ceremony of solo quest, listening, speaking, and engaging with the mirror of nature. The day concludes with your return to the group to explore the gifts of your time alone on the land. Day three is a time and space for spontaneous exploration of your vision and how it will be lived going forward, as well as opportunities to work together to clarify your purpose.

Seasonal 4-day Trips

What: 4 days and 3 nights in the wilderness. Small group: our max. is eight questers.

When: Fall Quest: September 6-9 (Thursday evening - Sunday afternoon)

Where: Within an hour's drive of Boulder CO.

Cost: $450 with one full Veteran's Scholarship and one partial Student Scholarship available. The fee covers the program plus four, 1-hour online Zoom calls to support your preparation before, and integration after the weekend.

Note: This is an overnight program with tent camping. When you register, we will share a packing list that includes food.

"And then the knowledge comes to me that I have space within me for a second, timeless, larger life." - Rilke, "I Love My Being's Dark Hours"

Your Guides

Mark Sipowicz loves adventure, good conversation, books and wild places. He holds an MA in depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute and is a Jungian Wilderness Guide. He plays ice hockey and climbs mountains with sons and other fathers. He commercial fished in Alaska, survived an avalanche, opened and ran a bookstore, and studied literature in Missoula. He has trained extensively with Animas Valley Institue, School of Lost Borders and Rites of Passage (Santa Rosa). His first vision quest in Death Valley almost a decade ago, changed everything for him. He is a father and husband living in Boulder. Go to to discover more about Mark and his private practice.

Andrew Lipman is passionate about wilderness and the power of our collective dreams to change the world. Andrew is the co-founder of The Heart Arrow Quest Wilderness Adventure for Men; earned an MA in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University; and is currently a student at the Boulder Institute of Massage Therapy. A certified dreamworker and energy healer, Andrew enjoys a singing, exploring the healing power of sound and serving as a companion animal to his two dogs, Taran and Osa. Andrew hiked on the Appalachian Trail; lived in a tipi; and takes a yearly Vision Quest in nature.

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Thursday, Sep. 6th, 3pm to Sunday, Sep. 9th, 5pm

Boulder Foothills

Maximum number of participants is eight. One full and one partial scholarship are available.


Ask away... Call MARK at (650) 228-8286 or email him at

Or ANDREW at (720-346-1512) with email at


The Heart Arrow Quest Has been a life changing event for me that I will never forget. Facing so many of my fears and sharing so many of my joys and sorrows. I found a way to relate to other men. Something I never thought I had the capacity to do in a healthy way. I found relationship with nature unlike I had ever had before. I found peace, safety, comradery among men, beautiful wilderness, Deer, and most of all I found (Clifford).

Thank you Mark and Andrew from all that I am.


“Since the Heart Arrow Quest I’ve gained a great amount of insight on where my life should be heading on the next step of my journey and I also discovered I could find comfort in being okay with not knowing when and how things will progress but just knowing that they will. As a Veteran, I’m thankful for people like Andrew and Mark who know how valuable time alone in the wilderness can be and create a beautiful, safe container outside for us to really feel what’s coming up. The curriculum over the weekend was very nurturing and opening, which is a beautiful experience to take part of with other men who are all open and willing to receive. Thank you Mark and Andrew.”

--Chris H., U.S. Military Veteran, Boulder, CO

"Andrew and Mark are two of the most down-to-earth men I know. Their ability in dream-work and getting to the heart of whatever is within oneself, is unsurpassed. They are kind and gentle and at the same time forthright if they need to be. This is a safe environment to get to know one's inner self more intimately through nature, no matter what stage of life one is in. I have worked dreams with both of themand have the highest regards for their insights. Blessings to you both and any who attend your Quest."

--Karen S., Dream Worker and Artist

"Originally I chose to attend the Heart Arrow Quest because I felt as if I was in a transition in my life that would benefit from further exploration. My soul was speaking to me, asking for answers to questions I did not have. Or at least I did not know at the time...Going into the weekend, I allowed myself the chance to explore new possibilities and open up my awareness of damages. But basically, I told myself to be open and not block any possibilities....What was most surprising was the inner peace that I was certain that I would never have. Though I did a lot of work on myself with personal therapy and soul tending, I still was not at peace internally. I feel The Heart Arrow Quest allowed me the awareness to pull it out and place it in front of me."

--Jeremy A., 20-year Air Force Veteran, Healer and Therapist

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