Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

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How we use multiplication and division

We us it in cooking, science, math, language arts, homework, jump rope.

The steps for multypling decimals

1. You don't need to line up your decimals. 2. Multiply the number in the ones place. 3. Multiply the number in the tenths place. 4. Then u add everything up. 5.Find how many numbers where on the right of the decimal count them up and lets say the number was two numbers then you would hop two spaces and them that is your awnser!

The steps for dividing decimals

1. See how many times the first number can go into the second number. 2. Put that number on the top of the line. 3. Multiply that number. 4. Subtract the awnser to the number under the line. 5. Then bring down the number. Then do it all again.
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