1945: The Atom Bomb

Caleb Bridwell March 16, 2015


In August 1945 a young boy felt the blast of the first ever atomic bomb. Years later we reflect on the days leading up to the decision. Albert Einstein and United States leaders kept the atomic program, The Manhattan Project, top secret. Two bombs, "little boy" and "fat boy," were dropped on two Japanese cities. Killing thousands instantly and approximately 250,000 all together. The atomic bombings ended World War II and rushed in the Cold War Era as super powers raced to become atomic power houses.

Fun Facts

  • The Enola Gay carried the two bombs, one to Hiroshima, and one to Nagasaki.
  • The Manhattan Project was the name given to the top secret development of the bomb, it started in a small office in New York, hence the name.
  • The bomb was not used in Europe because the war was over there.
  • Initially the bombings killed 125,000 people instantly, radiation exposure and severe wounds made the death toll climb to approximately 250,000.

What can you do with this information?

You can learn from the past and help come up with better knowledge of atomic weaponry and the possibility to use it to end the most extreme wars. There are not many practical uses of this information other than to better your knowledge of war.
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"Nuclear Shadow"

The heat and flash from the atomic bombs were so great that it vaporized people near the epicenter of the blast. These "nuclear shadows" were scarred into the concrete and walls of buildings and streets from the intense light.
Desert Rock Nuclear Tests 1951-1957 US Army Soldiers Observe Atomic Bomb Blasts