Fallen Angels

Walter Dean Myers

In Hell...

Richie Perry, a teenager from Harlem, has entered the war in Vietnam. While he is there, he goes through ups and downs. He makes memories, both good and bad, with guys just like him. Memories that he will never forget. With his life in danger, he learns that right now, he needs to stop worrying about him and start thinking about other with their lives on the line as well. Through this time, he questions why he is even there? What is he doing?
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"We spent another day lying around. It seemed to be what war was about. Hours of boredom, seconds of terror."

This book is absolutely amazing!

It has really changed my perspective on the war and the men and women that serve. It gives you a taste of what these men and women have to go through everyday. Walter Dean Myers, being a veteran, gives great detail on the experiences that Richie and his comrades have to go through just to survive.

Walter Dean Myers knows what he's writing about

At the age of 17, Walter Dean Myers joined the Army. With this fact, you know that Walter isn't just writing what he THINKS the war is like. He KNOWS what the war is like. He's lived through it. His wording and detail that he writes in this book proves that he knows what the war is like. While reading it, you feel like you are actually there.

So come and read it!

Don't be the only kid who hasn't read this book, come on and read it!

This book has cleared my interpretation of being in a war

Reading through this book, I got a taste of what happens during the war, and how much your life is at risk every second. It really teaches you that you need to know when you need to grow up and be mature.

The time is now! Come on down and read Fallen Angels today!