Digital Citizenship Project

Period 5 Natalia W

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Be Kind: Digital Etiquette means to be kind on the internet. Some people that are called trolls because they are just looking for someone the flame on the internet. Never write in caps lock online some people might think that you are screaming.Remember before you post check the grammar and if it offends others.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Be safe: Don't give your personal information to just anyone on the internet. In fact if you give a random site your email then they with sell your emails to spammers. Spammers sent emails to you that can cause viruses or attempts to trick you out of your money. if you open up a email for a spammer then you might get many pop up ads. Don't share phone number or address on the internet or else weird people might stalk you and harass you.

Rule #3 Social Networking

Don't share: Social networking is a way for people to communicate. Don't share anything on the internet that is embarrassing.

Rule #4 Online Safety

Don't be mean: On online websites if your being mean then people can report you and you can get kicked off. Before you get any social media apps you should ask your parents first. Don't make your username, your real name or your birth year. In real life you wouldn't tell strangers your personal information.

Rule #5 Cyberbullying

Bullying: Tell a parent or someone you trust if somebody is cyberbullying you. If you talked to them and there still bullying you then block them. Don't tell anyone your passwords, you can only trust your parents.

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Stealing: If you copy a text from the computer and call it yours that's plagiarism. if you copy anything from a book, newspaper, or article just remember to give them the credit the author.

Rule #7 Copyright

Legal:Copyright is legal protection of creative works. Only the person who created the song, blue print, etc. can only make copies of them but you can give other people permission too. You also have the right to perform your work publicly. You also have the right to make derivative works which means you can a music video about your song. you can't copyright ideas.