The Revolutionary War

and its signifigance

What is it?

The Revolutionary War was a bloody battle between Britain and the 13 colonies because Americans felt they were being treated unfairly having to pay unreasonable taxes and they had enough

Why is it important?

The Revolutionary War was the most significant event in the united states because it showed we were a powerful country, gave us independence, and caused us to create our own form of democratic self-government.

It gave us power

This win gave america power because it was no longer under British rule, and could form themselves as their own country ran by the people. Also the other countries see the U.S. beat this huge country made other countries fear us.

It gave us independence

This freedom was an effect of the American Revolution. New ideas like the ones in the Declaration of Independence could now spread and grow in in the new country. Citizens could now have rights and live without unconstitutional laws put on them.

It gave us a new government

The 13 states were now free to join together and become the United states of America. They could now form their own laws. It transformed a monarchical society, were the colonist were subjects, into republic, in which they were citezens in the political process. The Revolution started certain radical ideas, like liberty, equality, and government of the people, and rule of law. If the Revolution had not taken place, we might still be under British rule today.
The Revolutionary War

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