Blue Poison Dart Frog: Endangered!

By: Savannah

Help The Environment!

We need to be more thoughtful of our environment. There are many things we can do to save our environment. For example, go pick up trash that you find on the ground or in another place and put it in the trash can. Also, you could use reusable cups instead of plastic and paper material cups. These are very helpful things to do when you try to help the environment.

Blue Poison Dart Frogs

The blue poison dart frog lives in rainforests in Central and South America. They are mostly found under leaves, in trees, and on rocks on the bottom of the rainforest. Blue poison dart frogs have a poison inside them, so if they touch you, you would likely die because of their deadly poison. If you ever see one, do not touch it! They are also endangered. Endangered means to be near extinction. There are many species of dart frogs, such as strawberry poison dart frogs. Some of them are endangered, too. So help the Earth and keep these frogs alive!

How You Can Help

You can help out in many ways. A few things you can do to help is use reusable materials and you can recycle. You can also look up ways on how to save the Earth. Helping clean the Earth is not that hard! Anyone can help out. Mother nature gives us beautiful things, why don't we give back?