PCDC Monthly Newsletter

February 2022

Parent Child Development Corporation

Our Mission

The mission of Parent Child Development Corporation is to empower families to improve the quality of their lives through educational and self-help programs, family support services, and advocacy activities in partnership with the community.

Our Vision

The vision of Parent Child Development Corporation (PCDC) is to be a leader in comprehensive preschool programs, child care services, and family support services in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula. PCDC will provide direct services, coordinate regional and inter-agency service delivery systems for children and families, and advocate for programs and services which promote the welfare of all children and families in the community, state and nation. PCDC will forge partnerships with communities and organizations to effectively and efficiently utilize human and financial resources, both public and private.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Join me in celebrating Jessica Poe in her new position as full-time HR Manager! We are lucky to have you, Jessica!
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Congratulations, Jenn!

Let's cheer on Jennifer Russell as she takes on our Mental Health Coordinator role! We are proud of you, Jenn!

Congratulations, Vicki!

Time to celebrate Vicki! Vicki has accepted the position of Assistant Education Manager and we are beyond excited for her to join the Education Management Team!
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New Hires


Ruth Hill - Floating Teacher Assistant/King William

Teana Northrop - Teacher Assistant/T.C. Walker

Amy Inabinet - Substitute Teacher/Mathews

Paula Rodgers - Teacher Assistant/Bus Driver

Tatayana Gresham - Fiscal Admin. Clerk


PCDC wishes the following employees the best of luck in all of their future endeavors:

Ms. Mack

Brooke Higginbothom

Kendall Keel

Job Announcements:

Fiscal Manager

Smart Start Site Manager

USDA Coordinator

Lead Teachers

Facilities Maintenance Assistant

Kitchen Manager/Classroom Assistant


Happy Birthday to You!

Elizabth Aguliar - Jan. 13th

Ashland Christian - Jan. 25th

Patricia Williams - Jan.29th

Anita Rohr - Jan. 30th

Cassandra Strand - Feb. 3rd

Taylor Wynn - Feb. 4th

Nicole Agee - Feb. 10th

Karen Bridges - Feb. 11th

Jessica Poe - Feb. 25th

Vicki Hilton - Feb. 26th

Happy Birthday to You - most popular version


Casey Richardson - Jan. 19th - One Year

Ethel Ward-Wake - Feb. 7th - Twenty-Seven Years

Verlene Peck - Feb. 10th -Two Years

Taylor Wynn - Feb. 21st - Three Years

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A Gentle Reminder...

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Jessica Poe

HR Manager

Boom Chicka Boom | Fun Dance Song for Kids | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann
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Storytime with Ms. Ashlyn and Ms. Verlene!

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Dental Awareness with Ms. Joslyn!

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Keeping children safe is a top priority for all Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

The Head Start Program Performance Standards require that programs “ensure no child is left alone or unsupervised by staff, consultants, contractors, or volunteers while under their care.” But what is active supervision and how will it benefit children and staff? Active Supervision is the most effective strategy for creating a safe environment and preventing injuries in young children. It transforms supervision from a passive approach to an active skill. Staff use this strategy to make sure that children of all ages explore their environments safely. Each program can keep children safe by teaching all staff how to look, listen, and engage.

Read more on strategies in place for active supervision.


Nina Carr

Education Manger

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The WINNER of the Winter Self-Care Challenge is ............. VICKI HILTON!

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Gay Brooks

Health & Safety Coordinator

Have Some Family Fun!

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Promote Regular Attendance

Consistent attendance is essential for children to benefit from their Head Start experience and for future school success. Programs must implement strategies to promote regular attendance.

Have you:

  • developed a system for identifying attendance concerns and possible responses?
  • educated parents about the importance of regular attendance?
  • developed a plan for partnering with parents to promote regular attendance?
  • identified potential barriers and support strategies?



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You may have heard the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup" in relation to self-care. You also can't run on tired legs for too long. Eventually, you will have to stop and rest. The last two years has been exhausting, and you deserve respite. Some of us struggle to take time for ourselves; we might feel selfish, silly, or like we're wasting precious time.

The truth is, when we spend time doing something that makes us feel good, we are doing wonders for the people around us too. Our brains and our bodies are more calm and able to handle stress when we have taken care of our own needs. Basically, when you feel good, you can do good!

Now more than ever, it's important to know what our stress triggers are (the things that deplete our energy) and what rejuvenates us (the things that restore our energy). Modeling self-care for our students/children is paramount in helping them develop this skill for themselves.

Check out a couple of resources to try below - find what works for you!

2 min Breathe Bubble | Breathe Exercises - Sea - Think Nothing Exercise I Breathe In Calm App
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Jenn Russell, LMSW

Mental Health & Disability Coordinator
West Point Head Start Family Advocate

Important Dates

February 21, 2022 - Presidents' Day PCDC CLOSED

Message from Assistant Executive Director

Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here

You Are Awesome!

While it’s certainly not your first day, you still need to hear that you are important and you mean a lot to PCDC. With heartfelt gratitude, I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Let's keep spreading good!

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