Lauren Becker



I don't really have any true hobbies but a few things I like to do is read and just hang out with my friends and family.

Clubs & Favorite Song..

I'm on the board of diversity council & I'm in educators rising. Both of them are a lot of fun.

I don't really have a favorite song because the music I listen to changes depending on my mood so it would be hard to choose.

What I did over Christmas Break..

Over Christmas break I spent tons of time with my family and went shopping a lot. I really like giving people presents so I also spent way to much money.

Favorite Saying..

"Monkey see monkey do." This really changed how I act when I'm around kids and babysitting because it's very true. Younger kids always repeat things they hear and they copy things that they see people do and this makes me kinda watch what I do a lot more.

I want to visit..

I really want to go somewhere with mountains or forests because I've already been to the beach so it would be really cool to see something new that I've never seen before.