You do not miss something till it is gone


Leo-loved Stargirl when Stargirl changed he loved her even more. Stargirl- loved Leo so much that she changed just for him.

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My favorite part of rhe book is when Stargirl kiss Leo becouse they made there relationship official !


It was about a girl who was different then all the other people a Mica Hight School , and her name was Stargirl. Stargirl had a crush on Leo and Leo has a crush on Stargirl , so then they stared to date and then they got shund.

strong verbs

He craned his neck ,scanning the mod. page. 3 Spined arond. page 22 Not talking screaming. page 22.

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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli pages I found my strong verbs and figurative language , pages 15 ,18 ,16 ,3 ,and 22