Mrs. McCabe's Third Grade Class


Our students are working on following directions and developing their "coding" skills. You may use this website at home. ****Find- THE HOUR OF CODE box.**** Enjoy!


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A Happy Place to Be :)

Welcome to our third grade class! This page has been designed so that you can easily access nightly homework assignments. Room 244 is a happy place to be! Each day we come to school eager to learn something new. Some days are easier than others but one thing is for sure...we keep trying! The purpose of homework is to review information and practice skills. If you find that your child is struggling with a specific skill at home, please bring it to my attention. Extra help is offered every Thursday morning at 8:15am. Together, we will work as a team to help your child meet their potential this year!


Students can develop game coding skills.

Positive Post-It Day 2017!

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EXTRA HELP- Thursday 8:15 am

There will be NO MORE homework for the rest of the year. Please go out and play and spend valuable time together.

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Our Specials

Day 1-Gym (Hernandez)

Day 2-Music (Gonzalez)

Day 3-Art and Gym (Parisi and Hernandez)

Day 4- Gym (Hernandez)

PLEASE wear sneakers on ALL gym days.

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