Scientific Revolution

John Angbo

What Was The Change.

During The centuries of the Middle Ages,scientific knowledge experience was based on the Catholic Church belief in the ancient Greeks teachings. Mathematics and Physics experienced a great deal of progress leading towards the stronger claims of the heliocentric theory. All scientific and expressions was monitored constantly by, and most often produced from within, the Church. The Church ruled conclusively on a number of truths about the natural world, which it claimed were undeniable. These truths were produced by the Biblical study and the widely accepted Aristotle’s views which became official Church doctrine.The Greeks stated that the rate of fall of an object was determined by its weight, held that matter was constructed out of four possible elements, with different matter containing different combinations and also described the universe as a Greek astronomer Ptolemy had described it. It was a constant and finite thing in which the Earth occupied the central position.

(Image Right Corner: Shows the Geocentric Theory The Earth In The Middle Google Images)

How Did The Change Impact Society At The Time.

Soon there was a mission to understand the natural world. Many realized that their conclusions didn't always match up with the accepted truths. This inspired others to delve further into the study of the world around them, also mathematics experienced a great deal of progress in the form of the development of algebra, and trigonometry etc. With benefits of all these tools. The science of physics began to advance rapidly. Also in the Heliocentric Theory said, the Sun occupied the central position, with the earth and planets in revolution and the distant stars inhabiting its farthest edges.Many Europeans began to question the authority of the Church. So a large faction broke away from the Church, in doing so breaking free from the restriction of intellectual progress.

Who Were The People Associated With The Change.

Sir. Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton's work was the capstone of this evolving of science. He a notice Kepler's laws of planetary motion and Galileo's onslaught into the laws of gravity into a complete understanding of the organization of the universe according to the law of universal gravitation. Newton's Principia, in which he laid out this complete system of organization and develops the mathematical system called calculus, which was seen as the key which unlocked the mysteries of the universe, the climax of fighting of all of the Scientists of the Scientific Revolution.

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