Tanner Wray

The Frog and the Shark

One day a lonely frog was sitting on his lily pad. The frog one day found a shark and the frog asked ''will you be my friend'', and the shark said ''yes''. The shark was also lonely before he meet the frog. They were both so happy that they both finally made a friend. The frog and shark were best friends

The frog and shark would do every thing together. But one day the frog wasn't treating the shark nicely. Frog kept being mean to the shark. One day the shark was done with the frog being mean to him so the shark left the frog and never came back. The next day the frog was sitting on his lily pad all alone without the shark. Frog realized that he never should of been mean to shark. Frog never had any friends again,


The theme was think before you act.