The Wolverine (Gulo Gulo)

By: Nick Meier

Search And Rescue

Some wolverines are being trained for search and rescue. They are trained to sniff out the human dig them up and of course not maul them to death. Some wolverines are already in the process of being trained like Kayla and Kasper two wolverines training with Mike Miller of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center who was the original proposer of using wolverines for search and rescue. information in this paragraph baseed upon "Wolverines: The Future of Search and Rescue." Outside Online. 2016. Web. 25 May 2016. <>.

Identification Structure & Function

Wolverines tend to be brown with light brown stripes, they usually weigh about 24 to 40 lbs and are on average 33 to 44 inches from head to tail. There really isn't a difference between male and female wolverines other than their anatomical differences (Male parts and Female parts) which are the same as a humans

Body organization/ structure

Wolverines have circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive, Nervous, Excretory, and Skeletal/muscular systems. Their feet are like snowshoes and their fur is so dense that they do not melt the snow when they lay in it.

Behavior/ Communication

Wolverines are ferocious and territorial even to their own species and communicate through howling and some growl.


Domain: Eukaryotes
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Similar Species

Otters, Badgers, and Weasels.

How the animal obtains food

Wolverines are omnivores with scavenger and carnivore like characteristics. They have a great sense of smell and will sniff out carcasses of dead animals after an avalanche but if given a chance will most likely attack any animal in its path.


Wolverines Reproduce Sexually in a polygamous fashion, meaning the male usually mates with multiple females in a mating season of may to august. Most females give birth in February and March

Growth and Development

Wolverines are Born white and stay with the mother for about 8-9 weeks until they begin to travel. They are usually fully grown and independent from their mother in September. Their usual Life expectancy is 5-13 years.

How are wolverines doing in terms of being endangered/How has The Wolverines population changed in the past century?

Wolverines are not endangered however their territory has dramatically shrunk.
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Wolverines Are the Honey Badgers of the North