Paws Prints 4

BY: Gina, Addi, Haley, Cale, Ali, Sophia, Ty, Xavier, Waylon, Alexa, Josiah, Jacob, Isaac, Noah, Justin, Dani, Clayton

RPG Horror Games

By Haley

RPG stands for Role Playing Game. In RPG horror games you are usually trying to figure out a mystery. RPG horror games are games where you are a girl or a boy. Sometime they make you be a girl. They make you be a girl most of the time because it’s just the popular character in RPG horror games. Some RPG horror games are Ib, The Witch’s House, Misao, Corpse Party, Mad Father, Mermaid Swamp, Ao Oni, Skin walker, and The Crooked Man. Most RPG horror maker games are free. If you just look up the names of some of these horror games the download site usually always comes up. RPG horror games like the ones I said they are all single player games.

One of my favorite RPG horror games is Ib. It is about a girl named Ib, that goes into an art gallery. She finds a picture that she can go into. She finds a boy named Garry. Throughout the game, you are playing as Ib and would run away from ladies jumping out of paintings and heads following you around. They, along the way, find a girl named Mary who makes the whole game have a interesting twist.The game Ib was made by a person named Kouri. My friend Addi says that she would love to play Ib because of how interesting story line was.


By Isaac

What is Nasa? Nasa stands for the National Aeronautics and space Administration/ Nasa is the United states government Agency that takes care of space. Who created Nasa? The person that created Nasa was Dwight D. Eisenhower. Where is Nasa? Nasa headquarters is in Washington D.C. There are 10 Nasa centers located all across the United States. When was Nasa Created? Nasa was created in July 29th, 1958. Why is there Nasa? Nasa is here to take care of space and work on space ships. They also go and try to find new planets and other signs of live.

How they get into space? They use space ships to go into space and they work on satellites and try to find new things.Nasa also tries to work on craters.

These are my interviews. What do you know about NASA?

Waylon, “They fly into space.”

Zay, “Astronauts are a very important part of Nasa.”

Addi, “Space is a place.”

Ty, “Nothing.”

Haley, “They make space ships.”

Dani, “space business, and apparte of the government.”

Alexa, “it's about space.”

Jacob, “They build space ships.”

Josiah, “Nothing.”

Noah, “They study space.”

Gina, “nothing.”

Cale, “that's where they make and keep space ships.”

Justin, “work with rockets and space.”

Mrs, Young, “they do space exploration.”

Clayton, “They build rockets.”

Sophia, “They are a space center.”



Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Its landscape ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches. It’s famous for novelists Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, plus the Bolshoi and Mariinsky ballet companies. St. Petersburg, founded by legendary Russian leader Peter the Great, features the baroque Winter Palace, now housing part of the Hermitage Museum’s art collection.

Russia is the eighth biggest economy in the world. Fun Facts: Russia is bigger than pluto. 77% of Russia is made up of Siberia. Russia has 9 million more women than men. Russia and America are less than 4km apart at the nearest point. A russian woman in the 1700s gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets in just 40 years with the same man.There was a "Beard Tax"in Russia, during Peter the Great's Reign, paid by anyone who had a beard.

Russia’s greatest museum - is guarded by 70 cat which guard its treasures against rodents. The tradition dates back to a 1745 decree of Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg. The museum also has almost 14 miles of marbled corridors. The Trans-Siberian Railway spans almost all the way across the county, making it the single longest railway in the world. The 9200 kilometer (or 5700 mile) railway departs in moscow (located in European Russia) and crosses into Asia. It then makes its way to the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok where it reaches the end of its incredible journey. The entire journey non-stop will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete. Moscow’s amazing metro system is the fastest means of transport. During rush hour, trains are scheduled for every 90 seconds. It is estimated that over 9 million passengers ride the Metro every day. The Metro of St. Petersburg is also the deepest subway in the world, clocking in at a whopping 100m deep.

How the hockey puck is made

by Ty

There are a 11 ingredients in making a hockey puck. First, they put natural rubber in a giant roller. Then, they put two types of oil and minerals and a type of coal dust. As it is rolling a worker cuts the rubber. Then they take a sample and put a press on the sample and if you get the rubber to as hard as the quality of the batch, it goes on the line.

The next step is to put the rubber into a machine that makes 40 inch logs the are 3 inch wide the size of a hockey puck. Then, a machine cuts the logs each 1 inch long. Next, they put the puck into giant muffin tins that make the puck the right size. Then the pucks have to cool for 24 hours.

Next a worker puts the puck through a trimming to get the excess rubber off the puck. The last step is that they put a logo on the puck.

Hockey Training: Patrick Kane

By: Ty

The Blackhawks go to training camp in South Bend in Indiana. Where all the players go and workout in the weight room. They go skate and work all of the game plans. Then, for Patrick Kane, his personal workout starts at the rink with a bucket of puck throws, then on the ice, and stickhandles between the pucks without touching the other pucks with stick or skates. After that he goes for a power skate where you go skate as hard as you can for an a hour.

Patrick Kane started hockey when he was 7, that is pretty late. But he was on the ice 5-6 days a week. When he was 13 years old, he left to go Detroit to live with an NHL player to boost his career. After that, he played for the London Knight. He now plays for the Blackhawks.

Gas prices

by: Xavier

Gas is used for cars, boats, airplanes and motorbikes. Gas stations raise gas prices because they need more money and gas can run out if you don’t harvest from the pumps. Lots of people are thinking about going to a electrical car because they don't need gas. Gas was one of those things that was naturally made and produced form in the earth and taken out with a pump. As in there was no inventor (Nobody made it).

Gas prices raise (They go from like 1.91 to 2.01 so they make more) by how many gallons you put in. It can range from any price. Depends on where you live. (Pretty much if you live in the east the gas prices are higher, but in other places they don’t get as high.). Gas is pumped through a tube and goes into your car. That’s how you are able to drive your car.

Odell Beckham Jr

by: Noah

Odell Beckham Jr is a WR for the Giants. He grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Odell is his nickname. He was born November 5, 1992. His signature dance move is “The Whip”. Odell went to college at LSU. Odell has 2,755 NFL career yards. He has a famous catch and known as the best catch ever. Odell had the best catch ever vs. the Cowboys. He has been on the Giants for 2 years.

Why do you like Odell?

Josiah said, “Because he has sweet hair.”

Jacob said, “He is a great WR.”

Clayton said, “He’s on the Giants.”

Isaac said, “He’s great at catching balls.”

Odell was the 12th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft. He was drafted by the Giants. Right now he is 23 years old. He paired with Jarvis Landry at LSU as both WR. Odell is the 3rd most popular football player right now. He is known as the most famous player because he made a great catch.


By: Justin

So far there hasn't been any solid evidence that aliens existed or do exist. Until then, what will they be like? If we ever encounter one another what will happen? We can ask ourselves what do humans do when we encounter new land, people, and or new creatures. If we look back when Christopher Columbus first discovered North America, it didn’t end to well for the Native Americans.

Basicly throughout history humans have conquered and taken over land and resources. If Aliens are anything like us it won’t end to well for the human race. It is possible that life exists on Venus, most likely in the form of bacteria or something very small, but life, none the less. What’s interesting is that it won’t be found on the surface, which is 860 degrees Fahrenheit, but up in the clouds where the conditions are actually livable. There has been many UFO (UNidentified Flying Object) sightings but only about 10% of them have potential. A good example would be The Battle of Los Angeles in 1942. A giant UFO would hover over the city with thousands of witnesses, even having photo evidence. Because this was during WW2 right after the pearl Harbor had been attacked, the military thought it was another attack and had pointed spotlights at the UFO. Soon after they had began firing, and had even sent out fighter jets, but nothing. The object was hit and didn’t seem to take any damage at all. It kept hovering over the city with the military relentlessly trying to take it down. Years later the air force blamed it on a weather balloon.

I asked 10 people if they believed in alien life. 5 out of the 10 said yes. The other 5 said no. That would mean everyone who knows of aliens, about 50% of them believe in them.

New Technology

By Gina

YouTube was made on February 14th 2005. Facebook has more than 1 billion that are on Facebook today.Email was made before world web. There are more than 17 billion devices on the internet. Bill Gates house was made by computers. There is a lot of new technology today, there is one called the Lily Drone.

There are more than 15,000 people that want to get the new Lily Drone. The New Lily Drone is very popular these days. The Lily Drone follows people around everywhere. The Lily Drone was made to be like a action camera.

It’s easier to take selfies on the Lily drone.

It is for the family members to use the Lily Drone. The LilyDrone is waterproof. The Lily Drone has a remote. The Lily Drone can track you. The Sealers are getting a lot of money for these Lily Drone. There is only a 20 minute battery for Lily Drone. This is also made for people that make movies. The Drone weighs 2.8 lbs ,this small.

Sophia” said it's easier to use and it is very fun to use.

Sophia said, "Apple."

Noah said, "It's Faster." Noah said, "Youtude. Alexi said, it’s easier to use and faster."

Cael said, "I love technology because it help you learn better and I Like the games." Cael said, "I like Apple." Isaac said, "It's awesome! Isaac said, there are a lot of stuff you can do on new technology." Addi said, "because it’s easier to use and it entertain." Addi said," I use Youtube." Ali said, "because it give us something to do. Ali said, I use Youtube, tweet, and instagram."

How it’s made

By Isaac

What is How it’s made? How it’s made tells you how things are made like cars, footballs, books, and a whole lot more stuff. The person that created how it’s made is Gabriel Hoss. This tv show filmed in Canada. The first how it’s made episode came out January 6, 2001. Why is there How it’s made? How It’s Made is there on tv so they can tell you about how things are made.

They use robots and machines to make different things. The things that they show are food, sports, vehicles, and tech.

5 out of ten people that I asked said yes they do watch How it’s made.


By: Cale

Have you ever been bike riding? I have. You can go biking in the summer and in the winter, but it is not as fun. People that are 4 and up can go bike riding. When you go bike riding you would want to go in a pen area so you can just ride. Some people go riding in the park, on the street on the side walk anywhere. People go riding to get exercise, for fun, or to ride with friends.

When you go bike riding you want to wear a bike helmet to be safe. When you move your feet in a circle on the petals it moves the gears and the gears turns the wheels so you move the bike. Let's see what other people think about bike riding

Ava said “I think bike riding is awesome because it get’s you healthy and when you are healthy then you live longer and that is good!”

Emily said “I like bike riding because it is something that you can do with your family and you can take a short bike ride or a long bike ride. I also like it because it gives you a chance to be outside and get some fresh air.”


By: Sophia

Halloween is a very fun night. Usually me and my friend's go do a little trick or treating, but were a little old for that. This year we were old grandmas. We went to a few houses for a while, but got tired so after me and my friends went teepeeing. We did my friends house and my aunts house. It was super fun, but we made sure not to do someone we don’t know or we could get in trouble.

Our costumes like I said was old grandmas. We stuffed our bellys and buts to make it look old. We also wore wigs and put on red lipstick. The day before we went to the village to get old dresses that looked like my grandma would wear. After all that excitement we went back to my house to got to bed. It was already 10:00. We watched a scary movie then fell asleep. That was the best night of my life. Let’s see what other people do on halloween.

Alexa- "I usually got to my cousins house and make a haunted house with her for kids to go through’’ she says.

Cale- "go trick or treating’’ he says.

Spring Break

by: Alexa Wolfe

My paragraph is about Spring Break and what other people usually do during Spring Break. I usually spend my time at the lake or fishing with my parents. I also love to hang up town with my friends. Here is the results of everyone else and what they do during their spring break.


Question:What do you usually do during Spring Break?

Answer: I usually go to a hotel with my friends

Question:What is our favorite thing to do during spring Break?

Answer: To go swimming with my friends

Question:What is your favorite thing you have ever done during spring break?

Answer: My favorite thing i have ever done is go to the waterpark of America.

Question: What do you hope to do someday for Spring Break?

Answer: To visit California

Mr. Dimarco:

Question:What do you usually do during Spring Break?

Answer: When I’m not traveling i go to soccer practice

Question:What is your favorite thing to do during Spring Break

Answer: Travel to Aruba and so swimming in the ocean

Question: What is your most favorite thing you have ever done on spring break?

Answer: Snorkeling in San Diego

Question: What do you hope to do one day for spring break?

Answer: I would really like to go to Washington to see the cherry blossoms


By: Dani

When you go boating,you can fish,go tubing or swim and all you need is a lake,river or ocean! And a boat of course. If you go out near sundown you can see the sunset on the water. It turns the water gold and pink. You don’t have to be famous or rich to go boating, but here are some famous people that have a boat and love boating. Jake Owen,Roy Halladay and Kevin Vandam all agree life is better with a boat. Unless you live somewhere warm( in which case you can go all year round) then you can only boat in the summer because the water will be frozen over. People go boating for all kinds of reasons, but most of the time people go to have fun and get away for a little while. It can also give you a good tan!

When asked with the question Do you ever go boating? and What do you do when you are boating?

Kaitlyn V said “Yes, My family hunts,fishes and swims when we go boating.”

Alexa W said” Yes,we tube.”

Addison W says “ Yes, we cruise around, go really fast,swim and tube.”

Sophie O says “My family likes to go skiing and in the summer we go out every weekend.” Since we live in a town with a lake,I guess kids do a lot with it. Boating can also be a good time to spend time with your family,since you will always be next to them. "

People do many different things when they go boating,but one of the most talked about is tubing. Tubing is when you sit on a somewhat padded tube, grab onto a grip that is on the tube, and then the boat starts pulling you behind it. There are tubes where you are sitting down and some where you are laying down,but either way it is fun. When the boat starts going really fast,the water will become really choppy and will throw you around. The boat will make waves and when the boat turns you will slide out of the waves,but it doesn’t get much calmer. There are a few singles you can give the boat driver( thumbs down for slow down and thumbs up for speed up) so you don’t get thrown off. That is the main way people get off of a tube. Or else you can just tell the boat driver to stop by sliding your hand across your throat so they know when to kill the engine. Most likely you will get thrown off, so be sure you can swim if you are going to go boating.

How do You Ski?

By: Addi

There is two different types of skiing depending on your your climate and landscape. Here in Clear Lake we usually water ski in the summer. In places like Colorado people like to snow ski down all of the mountains.

I interviewed Mrs. Young and asked her what her favorite part about snow skiing is and she said “Not sinking in the snow.”

Water skiing is done in the water, and you are holding a rope connected to the boat and try to stay on. For snow skiing you have two mini snowboards, (not really, but that is what they kind of look like) one on each foot. Then you have two ski poles to help yourself gain speed, and sometimes for balance.

Snow Day Stuff

By Haley

When there is a snow day, there are a few things people like to do like playing in the snow: sledding, making snow forts, and having a snowball fights. Some people just like to stay inside and stay warm. Some people like to sit and read. There are many things people like to do on a snow day. I like to watch netflix on snow days.

Addi says “Build a snow fort and it would even end up falling on me”.

Gina said “play her tablet”.

Dani says “I would stay inside and stay warm”.

Cale says “I could got sledding”.

Sofie said “I would go sledding in my backyard”.

New Year's Resolutions

By: Justin

Do you know that 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year? But only 8% follow them until the end of the year. New Year’s Resolutions were made a long time ago by the Babylonians. They made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans each year began it by making promises to the god Janus.

The reason we make New Year’s resolutions is because we want stop a bad habit or start something. Some people might want to start exercising and eating healthy foods. Anothers group of individuals have their resolutions to stop eating, or go on a diet, and maybe some have a drinking problem. There have been some resolutions last year in 2015 that had accomplished some sort of task or achieved a goal. A man had run a mile every day for the past years until 2016 summing up a total 365 miles.

60% of Americans don't make a New Year’s Resolution. Is that because they don’t know what a New Year’s Resolution is? I had asked 10 of my peers if they knew what a New Year’s Resolution was, 2 out of the 10 answered no. Thats 20%. If you minus that amount to the people who didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution (60%) you’d end up with 40%. Therefore if everyone knew, the majority of Americans would make a New Year's Resolution.


Jacob Evans

Ty Fisher

Clayton Gasaway

Noah Peterson

Alexa Wolf

Dani Megana

Isaac Cole

Cale Schmidts

Josiah Snow

Xavier Drummond


NFL Playoffs

by: Noah

The NFL Playoffs are the games in the NFL to get to the Super Bowl. It is a single-elimination tournament so if you lose once you get eliminated. 6 teams from the NFC (National Football Conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) get into the Playoffs. NFL teams play in the Playoffs. The games are held at the teams who are playing stadiums. The Playoffs start at the beginning January normally. To get into the NFL Playoffs your have to win your regional conference. The teams get seeded by their records.

Who do you want to win the NFC and AFC Playoffs?

Josiah said, “For AFC Steelers and for NFC Vikings.”

Jacob said, “For AFC Steelers and for NFC VIkings”.

Ty said, “For AFC Broncos and for NFC Vikings”.

Justin said, “For AFC Chiefs and for NFC Vikings”.

Mountain Climbing

By: Cale

“Hold on tight, Cale.” That's what people say when you are mountain climbing. Mountain climbing could be really fun. I have never been mountain climbing, but I think it is really fun. People aged 8 and up mostly go mountain climbing. When you mountain climb you can go when it is winter or summer. People mostly want to go to have fun and have the rush of energy that feeling you get when you are high up.

When you go mountain climbing you have to wear special shoes. You would bring tents to sleep. There ropes so you don’t fall off of the mountain. There are ropes to hold on to for the same purpose. Let's go ask some people and see what they think about mountain climbing.

Bella said “It would be fun to do, but dangerous if you didn’t have experience in it already.”

Val said “It looks scary, but a fun and learning experience.”

Zoe said “It would be really fun and exciting to do.”

Kaley said “I think it something that can keep people active and have fun at the same time!”

Delaney said “I think mountain climbing is amazing. It’s a great way to get exercise and never know what's going to happen.”


Flooding the Mississippi

By: Dani

The flooding the Mississippi river from December 2015-Jan 2016 may not be the worst flood or natural disaster the US has seen ,but it is still big. The Mississippi is flooding it’s banks across most of it’s length. Its length runs through most of Minnesota,runs down Iowa,Missouri, Arkansas and empties at the Gulf of Mexico at the tip of Louisiana. The river has killed around 2 dozen people and it is still in Illinois, heading toward Arkansa. There was a flood in 2011 and this may be a second flood because of that flood. People through the midwest are taking precautions to make sure they can salvage even a little bit from when the flood comes,and it will come. Are you prepared?

People are laying down sandbags and putting up barricades to lesser the impact of the flood. There is no way to stop the water rushing in from the Mississippi. People don’t want to lose everything they have to water. In places the water already went through( Missouri,Iowa, and Missouri) water is still higher than usual and will stay that way for awhile. Houses have been swept away and streets are looking like landfills with furniture and debris the water swept away. People have lost everything and are preparing to make sure they don’t. If you want to help with the cleanup donate or volunteer at your local red cross.

When asked with the questions “ How do you feel about the flooding of the Mississippi?” and”If you lived on the banks of the Mississippi ,how would you stop the flooding?” Kacey Z said “It is scary,I would freak out,and I feel bad for the people that lost everything.” She said she would stop it by getting towels and buckets to decrease the water getting in her house. “I would be very disappointed about what happened and I would get a group of people to get the water out of my house. Or I would block off where the water came from.” says Xavier D. There are some creative ways to stop water that can’t be stopped. There is no way to stop the floods, but these are all very good ways to try and decrease the destruction of their houses. All in all, I am happy I don’t live on the banks or anywhere near the Mississippi.

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Christmas Memories

By Sophia

Every Christmas is the best by far, but this Christmas was one memory I will never forget. It started with Christmas eve. We always have a Christmas eve program at our church. After that we always have dinner at my grandma’s house besides the church, but this year my grandma moved to assisted living, so everyone had to go to my house. It was very hard with all the kids running around at our house, but we got a lot of presents so I can’t complain. After everyone leaves, we clean up a bit and then put cookies for Santa. We all go to sleep and wait for Christmas morning. I wake up to the sound of my sister, Ava, yelling at me to wake up. I go down stairs to a whole lot of presents, but one catches my eye. Santa had given me a huge present almost as tall as a little sister. My twin sister Ava had the same one. We opened them first and it was a hoverboard. I was so happy I almost started crying. Me and Ava had both gotten one. My little sister Ella got a gopro, but Ella wanted a hoverboard. She was mad so she used her own money to get one. And of course she had it in a few days. After all the excitement of opening presents we had to get ready to go to my other grandma's house on my mom's side. I got to see my cousins in Minnesota.

After we were done, we were sad to leave my cousins so they invited me and my sisters to go to there house. We packed up are bags and were headed to minneapolis. My cousin wanted a hoverboard so we went to the mall of america, but they were all sold out and two expensive. After we went to there house to have pizza. Then went to bed. The next day we went tubing at a ski resort. I forgot what its called but it was very fun. Then we got hot chocolate and went home. The next day we had to leave. I was kinda sad, but I was missing my family. This Christmas was a memory to remember. Let’s See what other people have to say about their Christmas memory.

Val: “My favorite christmas memory is waking up on christmas and having warm hot chocolate ready to drink and having family time,’’ she says.

Bella: “My favorite memory was this year when I went to florida and was in my uncle's wedding on the beach,’’ she says.

Delaney: “So, waking up to my brother yelling at me ‘it’s time to wake up,’’ she says.

Kaley: “Well, when I was little we woke up and ate cinnamon rolls’’ she says ‘’ We would do it every year,’’ she adds.

What Kind of Bait are You Using?

By: Addi

There is many different things people use for bait, but have they or even you thought about what kind of bait you use? If you like to get your hands dirty, then you might use live earth worms or bugs. If you like to stay clean and save money then you might use plastic or rubber bait that could look like a worm, smaller fish, or something that looks like food to a fish. Either way it will work eventually no matter what you use. A great place to fish would be our lake, or the outlet that runs from the lake.

I interviewed Isaac Cole and asked if he would rather use real bait or fake bait, and he said “ Real, because it puts out a smell for a fish.”. Then, I asked Haley Munn the same question and said “Real, because it works better for her and it helps her feel the whole fishing experience.”

How do you put bait on a hook? First you choose the bait you would like to use. First I will explain how to use live worms. You choose the worm you want, then take a spot somewhere near one of the ends of it and put the worm through the hook. Then you are ready to go. Usually with rubber or plastic bait there is a place for you to hook it on the hook.

I think we should not have school uniforms.

by: Ali

I think that we should not have school uniforms.We can not express what we like with those clothes. When you wear school uniforms, you are losing freedom. Most people will work better when they are wearing clothes they like.

People like to be comfortable. That will make them work better and do better on test. 1 out of 11 people thing we should have school uniforms. Most people say that they would hate it. They would not want to wear one. Plus, the teachers would have the hardies remembering our names.

Most people say that it help you concentrate. That is not the truth. It is your opinion it can go both ways. Some people can do better with. Some people can do better with out.

This is why I think that we should not have to wear uniform.

Pro Basketball Teams

By Isaac

My Favorite NBA Team is Miami Heat. I have interviewed 6 people in may class even my teacher, Mrs.Young. Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith. What is basketball? Basketball is a game played between two teams of five, to get a goal is by throwing a ball (shooting) through a netted hoop. There are two kinds of basketball outdoor basketball or indoor ball. You can play basketball any time. Mostly people play for fun there is also a pro sport. #1 Sophia O, “her favorite NBA team is the Miami Heat, because they are very good at what they do,” she said. #2 Noah: “New York Knicks, because Noah likes all the teams in New York.” #3 Mrs. Young: “Minnesota Timber Wolves because her grandpa like the Timber Wolves.” #4 Alexa: “Miami Heat, because she used to live in Florida.” #5 Josiah: “Golden State Warriors, because Stefen Cery is in the team.” #6 Jacob: “The Cavaliers, because LaBron James is on the basketball team.”

The world says. Don’t people like the the team that their favorite player is on. Think about it for a little bit.

I don’t like Stefen Cery of Labron James. For a few years that was the only team that I knew about so that is my favorite team for now.


by Ty

The football is made with cowhide. A worker will cut out four football spares and then shaves off the back side of the leather. Then the stamping machine put on the company logo. After that a sewing specialist sew on cotton to the back of the football to hold air better. Next a different worker puts in an balloon in the football to hold the air.

Next the worker put the air valve in the football so you can adjust the air pressure.( So you can under inflate the ball like Tom Brady and the deflatriots). The very last step is to put the laes in the laes are about half an inch apart so the player can hold the ball properly.

source youtube


By: Jacob

I don’t think ghosts are real. Haley thinks ghosts are real. She says that “She believes in ghosts because she has seen one and she's had enough proof to believe in them.” Her proof is “Her and her friend were messing around on Snapchat and they saw a weird white thing in the video.” and more proof is “At 4 A.M. she heard creaking noises and child laughter.”

Her evidence is that she has seen one in person. She also took a video and there was one in it. She has also heard one. She heard/seen it herself.

I don’t think ghosts are real. I don’t think ghosts are real but I still think spirits are real.


By Haley

I believe in ghosts because when I was little I saw a ghost once. I woke up in the middle of the night. I went into my parents room. I layed next to my mom. It was my dad on the right side of the bed, my brother was in the middle and my mom was on the left. I was right next to her. I looked up because I heard my name being called. I looked up over my mom, brother ,and dad. There was a while and blueish figure in the shape of a little girl ,with a white dress. She was calling my name in a voice like she needed my help. I also believe in ghost because I have seen enough proof to make me believe in ghosts. I have caught orbs on tape more than once and At three or four in the morning I heard footsteps and laughter coming from my attic.

I interviewed some people to see if they believe in ghosts. Lizzy L. says “Yes, I do believe in ghosts because I have seen them. Trinity M. said “I do, because when I went to my uncle’s house after he died, I saw weird and messed up things in his house.” I believe in ghosts, and I always will.

Political Ads Ban

by: Ty

I say that we should ban political ads. Because we start our campaign trail way too early. The earliest candidate Ted Cruz started in March 2015. There is no reason we should start so early in the campaign trail. Why do our campaign trail start so early while canada and England their campaigns start one- two months, not two years. held a survey that said 74% we should ban political ads. The people in the survey that the ads are just a way to get votes for the parties to get votes. They also are way for both parties to get tell lies about each and the bottom line is that it is just a way for the candidates get votes that honestly just don't matter.

My partner says that political matter because they show the truth. Well they don’t all they are for is for the candidates to go at each other without being face to face. They give you bad information which fraud but since they are candidates. I guess they are above the law. They all say that they are going to do this and that it never gets done. They do it half asked and just don’t give you the right information.

I really think we should ban political ads so that we get the right information and it doesn’t if you are republican or democrat. Both parties don’t give false information.

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Banning political ads? or not?

By Dani

Do you hate political ads? Do you want to smash your tv every time one comes up. Tired of the debates cutting your football games short? While then you are reading the wrong story. Political ads are important because they get the people voting to see each candidate's perspective on how they are going to change this country for the better. You need to listen to political debates and political ads that come up,instead of ignoring them.

According to, political ads identify strong candidates. The ads create controversy over things one candidate said to another. That can make for great drama and very interesting ads in the future. Some candidates get very heated in their ads because they want to show people that they care about them and that they want to take care of this country. The people should care about and listen to the ads they run because we need to make sure we pick a president that will help the US and take care of it’s people.

When asked with the question“ Do you think political debates should be banned?” Jacob E says “ No,I don’t want them to stop running political ads.” Jordan B says “Na” Kaley M says” I think they people should just reduce the number of ads,but it is still important to see the candidates.” I don’t know about you,but that sounds like a solid compromise to me.

People may be getting annoyed with campaign ads, but they shouldn’t be because campaign ads are important. They show the people voting what each candidate is going to do to when they get into office. It gives each candidate a chance to get the people on their side,which they need to do to get elected. The people need to know what each candidate is going to do,so they don’t elect someone that will destroy this country. The people should listen to campaign ads,not ignore them.

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Why we should not have Republicans

By: Sophia

Why I believe we should not have republicans is because republicans repeal health, they endanger animals, and believe teachers should not get a lot of money. Democrats believe the exact opposite. I truly believe Republicans are bad for the economy.

Democrats believe that wild animals should have the same rights of humans. That they should be protected from harm and to die slow and not to harmful. Republicans think that they should let all humans kill whatever animals they want, even if they are endangered.

According to Democrats are all for universal education and to give more money to teachers. Republicans only support private schools and think they should not be government founded.

A law that republicans made is that you can carry a gun and shoot anyone on the street, according to http://www.republicanshateamericaandamericans. That is the stupidest law ever made. What do you think?

Democrats want to give more money to the more poor people to help them, but Republicans think giving more money to rich people will help. They are very wrong. They also want to repeal health care, which helps people pay for medical bills. Without it people won’t be able to pay for all the surgeries, and medical drugs etc.

Jennifer Aniston is a Democrat and believes everything Republicans do is terrible according to

I believe that we should not have Republicans. They repeal Obama care, and don’t think education is that important. Let’s see what other people say

‘’I want to be a Democrat but, I don’t want abortion’’ says Ali M

‘’ I believe when you're 15 and get pregnant u have to keep the baby and not get abortion, that was your own fault. She’s a republican.’’ Says Julia P. What do you Believe?

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By: Xavier

Many people have favorite sports. Mine is Football. Why? Because it is very fun and you get a adrenaline rush when you get the ball or tackle somebody. It also pays if you get into NFL!

“It has been proven to help boost your mood and give you adrenaline.” Says Football Nation.

( It also says in there that you you play safe you stay safe. Also football is a great sport because it helps you learn tackling. For example if somebody breaks in, you can knock the be jeepers out of them.

People may say that it is a “Unsafe sport” well it can be. Depends on how you play. When tackling you don’t wanna get hit in the head. People also say it’s not fun. Well you just gonna learn how to play it. It gets a lot more fun.

If you play football safely it can be fun. Also if you play it the play fairly and the right way. It also can be safe it you make it safe. So be safe and go try football!
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Why soccer is the best

By: Clayton

Sports fans are an interesting people. They appreciate sports and the spirit of competition in general, but will always have a favorite, and they will always valiantly explain why their sport is the best sport to ever grace this earth. People like different sports for different reasons. But today, I am a sports fan that is going to explain why soccer is simply the greatest sport in the world.You may say I’m wrong, that it’s just a game.

But soccer is so much more than just a game. It’s become a way for the poor to escape the reality of their lives, a game played by hundreds and millions people around the world. It’s a game that breaks down social boundaries like nothing else in the world can and connects people of opposite cultures.All you need to play a game of soccer is a ball and a pair of shoes. You can put a net together yourself if need be.

You can practice dribbling by yourself, or find a buddy to kick the ball around with. Joining a league only requires a pair of cleats and shin pads. It’s so accessible to everybody. For an abundance of other reasons, soccer is 10 steps ahead of any other sport at all times, and generates the most fans since its modest beginnings.

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By Cale

Should Dance be a middle school sport? I think it should. Why, because dance has everything that a normal sport does. Dance has practices, competitions and medals. When I dance, I sweat a lot, you sweat a lot in normal sports. In middle school our sports have practices in the morning and after school. My dance practices are from 4:15-9:30. Sports are activities that included exercises.

Most really good football players their coaches tells them to take dance so they have better balance and coordination. My uncle was a really good football player and he took dance to improve stuff about him. Our middle school football player can take dance and football at the same time so they get better at both things.

Football players like Akili Smith and Vance Johnson have taken dance and it said it made them better on the field. When the football players think of dance they think of putting your arms above their heads and turning around in a circle. Ballet takes a lot of arm and leg strength.

I listed a lot of things about why dance should be a sport. I hope you would join me on why dance should be a middle school sport. Let's see what other people think about dance being a middle school sport.

Zoe said “I think dance is a sport, but I don’t think it should be a middle school sport.”

Ali said “Dance should be a sport, but not a middle school sport.”

Addi said “Dance is a sport and I think it should be a middle school sport.”
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Should Dance be a Middle School Sport

by: Noah

Should dance be a Middle School sport? No. It shouldn’t be because I personally don’t even think it’s a sport. There isn’t much movement in dance so there isn’t much exercise so that is another reason why dance shouldn’t be a Middle School sport. Even though there is practices and competition they still aren’t the same as other sports. Many other schools probably wouldn’t even let the school have dance. Dancers normally don’t even sweat during practice.

Many sources say that dance is different because they have judges so you can win by getting lucky. So it isn’t a sport and shouldn’t be a Middle School sport. The rules are so much much different than a real sport.

People that don’t think dance should be a Middle School sport - Jacob E, Josiah S, Alexa W, Isaac C, Ali L

People that don’t think dance should be a Middle School sport - Cale S, Gina H

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Should you be Eating Mcdonalds?

By; Addi

Mcdonald's is a fast food restaurant, that is very popular around the world, and one of the most fattening too. Their french fries are extremely greasy and fattening. Studies have shown that they sell seventy five burgers a second! Not to mention there are about three hundred and thirteen calories in each cheeseburger. Also ammonium-sulfate which is also used to kill all kinds of bugs is in the burger.

I recently interviewed Cale S to see what he had to say. I asked him what he thought about Mcdonald’s. He said “ I think it is gross.”. Then I asked Sophie O the same question, and she said “ It is very unhealthy in my opinion.”. Also I asked Markwardt how often she goes there, and she said “About once about every four months, because it is gross.”

Next, is the horror of how they make their burgers. The burgers start as pink slime, then it is fried/cooked to look like a delicious burger for everyone to enjoy. But in reality it is just pink smile cooked to look like one.

sites I used:

What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?

Why McDonald's Is Healthy For You

By: Justin

Some people say the stuff found in McDonald’s food is disgusting, unhealthy, gross, fattening, cancer causing, and bad for your body all the way. I’m gonna tell you why that's all a lie. Some things on the menu aren't exactly good for you, but if you're in the middle of nowhere and Mickey D’s is the only thing in sight and you want to stay fit, order grilled foods instead of fried. Also eat something with protein, try to incorporate a veggie or fruit in there as well. This is coming from Nutritionists who avoid fast food restaurants as if it were the plague.

Next time when hunger hits you’ll be able to order like an expert. 7 out of 16 people say that McDonald’s is healthy for you. I have some reasons and stories to change the other 9 minds of the classroom. Out of the 9 people who said no to Mickey D’s 1 of them chose to be unique, take a stand against humanity, ignore what anybody said because this individual is strong in the face of danger. His name is unknown.

Some people are convinced that McDonald's is the worst of the worst restaurant out there. According to they have a top 11 and McDonalds is placed only 4 on the list. The website has a top 8 for insanely unhealthy resuraunts. McDonald's was never even stated. Same with

Even though McDonald’s may not be the healthiest restaurant it’s not the worst. There are some things on the menu that is healthy. Like their salad. Maybe one day the world will come to their senses and all eat McDonalds as a family. By that time McDonalds will fuel the country!

Website Used:
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Christmas by the Lake

by: Gina

There is Karaoke that starts at 1 pm and is done at 4 pm. The Christmas parade starts at 5 pm. Here are some activities: Horse Drawn Carriage, Main Street Trolley, Dicken Carolors, The Petting Zoo. There is going to be Smores, Visit with Santa, and there is going to be fireworks over the lake.

This is the 21th year of Christmas by the Lake. There is holiday music, food, games, and movies. This is December 5-7. There are more than 10,000 people in Clear Lake for Christmas by the Lake. On Saturday there is going to be breakfast with Santa Claus

Global Warming

By Haley Munn

Global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming is happens because of too much carbon dioxide getting into the atmosphere. Global warming can cause rising seas, changes in rainfall patterns, melting of the ice caps, melting glaciers,and widespread vanishing of animal populations.

Global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun’s heat causing the planet to warm up. Coaln burning power plants are the largest U.S. source of carbon dioxide.

Global warming is very interesting to me. I like learning about stuff in our world. A couple years ago when I had to type a paper about global warming I was really interested in it. I still am to this day. I think the global warming is a interesting topic and would love to know more.


By Dani

Most people (aka baseball players) think softball is played with a softer ball,therefore for girls,but I am here to tell you that is wrong. I think that when you have a softball in your hand,it is softer but both still have the same inside,therefore it is not softer. According to the Davis enterprise, softballs are anything but soft. The same amount of injuries can happen in softball as in baseball and that is proof that softballs aren’t softer. Softball game balls are just as hard as baseball game balls,of you have ever had the both in your hands.

Softballs are made from rubber and cork,which makes the inside softer,but you can’t tell because baseballs are made from the same materials. Both are sewn with a bunch of wool and polyester yarn,then sewn up. People may think that softballs are softer, but that is proof that they are wrong. Softballs may seem softer, but when you get hit with them they aren’t. A softball pitcher throws lighter than a baseball pitcher. So that is the only reason they seem softer. People can think what they think,but I am here to tell you, softballs are NOT softer.

When asked with the question”Do you think softballs are really softer?” Brooke S says “ A baseball is a tiny bit softer.” Chelsy H says “they are the same”. Thomas G agrees with her. Mrs.Young, Alexa W and Josiah S says “No, they are the same.” Noah P says “ softballs are softer.” Looks like many people in Clear Lake middle school believe that there are the same. With a few defectors,but they are baseball players so they don’t count.

Throughout this passage,I have given many reasons as to why softballs aren’t softer. If you still believe they are softer,you must be stubborn.


by: Alexa

School is a place that you learn things. It is also a place that helps you get ready for your future. School is an awesome place for some kids. Others…. Not so much. If you are like me, you are not gonna like school and you would rather be outside. One of the reasons some people might not want to come to school is some of the people here are man. Bullying is a thing that is trying to be stopped and also a place where there is a lot of weird people that creep you out.

There is some kids that get bullied and they bully other kids to make themselves feel better. The school lunches i think could be a lot better. And that we should have more free time. In school there is Math. Social Study. And Language arts. My favorite class would probably be scien because Mr. Dimarco makes it fun with all the projects he lets us do.
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Arts and crafts

By: Isaac

What is arts and crafts? Arts and crafts are decorative design and handicraft. For example paper houses, decoration for holidays or sesons, paintings,and paper airplanes.You can do arts and crafts anywhere, for example on a boat, on airplane, desert, anywhere. Arts and crafts were created in 1880. Arts and crafts is here for fun. The person that created arts and crafts, T.J Cobden Sanderson.

You can use paint, colored pencils, pens, colored paper. And you can make anything people, cars, pic, or anything. The places that you can get arts and crafts, Hobby Lobby, Larsons Mercantile, and Joans. In Clear lake and Mason.Another type of arts and crafts is wood working.

by: Xavier

Bowling is a fun game played by many. Bowling is popular because it has been being played since 3200 B.C. The very first indoors bowling game was made in 1840, in New York City. That means that people used bowl outdoors in the winter. Now today you can go bowling at the Rose Bowl in Mason City (Not any more it burned down), you also can other places. The times vary on the days you go.(I don’t know because I don’t go there much) Also if you wanna know, the founder of bowling is Sir Flinders Petrie.

How do you play the game, is a well known question. Well the way it is played is, you set up pins and the objective is to knock all of the pins down with one bowling ball. Playing this game can last up to a long time depending on how much you pay to play. It’s kind of a family game but you can play with your friends and others (It's mainly a family game because it lets family's bond).

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by Ali

The pilgrims came to america from England. They came because they wanted freedom and gold, silver. They had a different blefe. They rode a boat call the mayflower. there was a bad storm and most of the people on the boat got sick and die. some people lived.

They got there in November 11, 1620. they started a town. They made house and farms but they did not do that a lone. indians helped because they did not know what to do. They got seated and had sleeves sent.
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Presidents of USA

By Cale

There have been 44 presidents that I know of. Out of the 44 I am choosing 1 of them, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln wears a long top hat. The most important thing that he did was let black people fight in the army. He wanted to be president, because he was opposed to slavery and wanted to limit the expansion of slavery states into the newly acquired Western territories

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th presidents in 1861. He was born on Feb. 12, 1809. He was elected in November 6, 1860. If you are a president you have to put a lot of money to be a president.


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Paul Mitchell

by: Noah

Paul Mitchell is a brand of hair care products. John Paul DeJoria is the founder and Paul Mitchell is the co-founder. The headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California. The company was founded March 31, 1980. The company was made to make the world a better place.

The Paul Mitchell company owns schools for people to learn and to do hair styling

professionally. They were also founded in Hawaii. The company has 174 employees. They are known for their hair products and styling tools. Paul Mitchell was the hairstylist before they got employees. He started his company Even though Paul Mitchell has past away his products are still reigning.

Sources -

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Band Instruments

By: Justin

Musical instruments are grouped into families based on the sound they make. The music family names are brass, percussion, strings, and woodwinds. The brass section includes the trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn, cornet, bugle and all brass instruments have a lower sound than most instruments. The percussion section consists of drums, cymbals, triangle, chimes, tam-tam, glockenspiel, timpani, bells xylophone and they all sound different adding a bit of flavor to the music world.

All the string instruments are violin, viola, making the higher pitched sounds, cello, bass, making the deeper sounds. Lastly the woodwind instruments. They are the flute, piccolo, clarinet, recorder, bassoon an oboe. Like the string instruments the smaller the instrument the lighter the pitch. It is told that band has an effect on school as well.

One of the many effects band has on you is discipline, because of the long hours of hard work and practice, teamwork, because you have to know how to work as a team to make the piece have good tune or have proper rhythm and sacrifice because some of the bigger instruments like the tuba or baritone can cost lots of money. Lastly I think band is a great way to kill time and have fun.
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By Sophia

Making fun of people, picking on them, and also bullying them are serious things. It happens all the time, but not many people know about it. Schools a lot of time has frequent of bullying. In between classes or after school is when it happens. Things like this causes suicidal thoughts, depression, or causes built up anger inside. That causes them to do something bad.

There’s also online bullying and cyberbullying. Saying mean things on facebook or instagram can cause hurt feelings leading to depression. Bullies usually do it because they are getting bullied. You can stop bullying by helping people who are getting bullied or picked on by standing up for them. Stop being a bystander and start standing up. Talk to a teacher right away if you are getting bullied. Let’s see what other people say about bullying. Stop being a bystander and stick up to bullies.

Have you ever been bullied?

Ali: "yes~ A couple of boys in my grade texted me and they called me very provocative names."

Julia: "yes~ A boy I used to hangout with started calling me names and started making me feel bad."

Allison: "yes~ people called a lot of bad words."

Bella: "yes~ I had a concussion and boys were saying I was faking it and making me feel bad."

Patrick Kane

by: Ty

Patrick Kane plays for the Chicago Blackhawks. Was born in Buffalo, New York. November 19, 1988. The position he plays is right wing. When Patrick Kane was fourteen he played for the USA Bobcats. After moving to michigan where he lived with a NHL player named Pat Verbeek. Being convinced to good to the Honeybaked AAA. He played for the Honeybaked AAA hockey for three years. After that he got drafted by the London Knights in the 5th round ( 88th overall). In the 2006-2007 season with the london knight had 145 points (not goals).

On October 4, 2007 Patrick Kane made his debut against the Minnesota Wild and had his first assists and shootout goal two days later against Dominik Hasek of the Detroit Red Wings. On october 19, 2007 he scored his first regulation goal against the Colorado Avalanche. By November 2, 2007 Kane had racked up 5 goals 11 assists 12 games. On June 12, 2008 the NHL’s best rookie award finishing ahead of teammate Jonathan Toews and Washington Capitals Nicklas Backstrom. The next season Kane and Toews lead the team to the playoffs.

My only source is wikipedia


by Josiah

What is space? Who was the first person to go in space? Yuri Gagarin was the first person to go to space. Space is a place where there is no oxygen. There's infinity space. You probably will die if you don't have a space helmet. Space is above you and you need a rocketship to fly you up there. When did the first person find space? On April 12, 1961. Why did the all the people who went to space wanted to do it. Most wanted to find something that has not been found.

How did people get to space? They usually use a rocket. Fun fact: the stars are bigger than the sun. Why? Because they are much farther. Why do people like traveling to space to make money or just to see how cool it is. if I had to go to space I would automatically go back down to earth. I would hate to going to space. would you want to go to space.
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CLMS Ipads

by: Addi

If you didn’t know already, Clear Lake Middle school kids all get Ipads for the year to help do work that Ipads make easier, for example the writing class that I am in right now, we use our Ipads to make documents and write our articles, and post them. In 6th grade kids have a class called Technology. They use their Ipad to control little robots called Spheros. To control them they get an app on their Ipads that shows them how to code and how to do tricks. Then they have to learn to program an obstacle course that someone else made for them.

How do you get an Ipad at our school? The day you get it is when you register for school. Actually you don’t get it, but you do sign the papers too. Then on the first or second day of school you will get your Ipad. For seventh and eighth grade you can keep your Ipad over the summer, and bring it back next year. Same for sixth grade. Or if you don’t want to take it home you can return it to the school for the summer and get a new one next year.
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By Dani

Peta is an organization that protects animals. Peta stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Peta works to stop animal cruelty and they mostly work out of Idaho,Hawaii,Kentucky and Mississippi, which is where the most animal cruelty happens. They work to stop beatings,hunger, and neglect by rescuing animals from bad homes and trying to get them into good homes.Before animal lovers got PETA started, people could only volunteer at or give money to shelters. Peta got started so people could do more. Now people can adopt,play with or give to the animals they rescue.It got started in March of 1980 and is still going strong today.

Peta is a non profit organization that works only from the money they raise. If you love animals and want to stop cruelty, you should volunteer for or donate to them. You can give the animals baths, rescue the animals or feed and play with them. What they do is great but they can’t do it without your help. No matter how small,any amount will help. If you love animals, you don’t even have to donate,you could just adopt and give them a loving home.;jsessionid=A24F0AE9167C0B9934E1130F7CFE13D4.app337a?25040.donation=form1&df_id=25040&set.custom.Campaign_Code=I15XWGVE05G&autologin=true&gclid=CN2u2vyE3MkCFQmOaQodBcsD-A

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By: Jacob

Isis or Isil is an islamic extremist group. They believe that everyone should believe in there religion. They are located in Syria and Iraq. They are also located in some places in Africa and Afghanistan. They were started in 1999. In 2004 they joined another terrorist organization group called Al-Qaeda.

ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIS uses social media to post beheadings of soldiers, journalists and civilians. They also recruit through social media. There leader is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Isis uses high powered weapons like ak-47s, rpgs, grenades and other bombs, and even gas weapons. Most of their weapons are stolen. They also use suicide bombers.

The 4th of July


The 4th of July. Americans celebrate this holiday on the 4th of July and celebrate it to remember the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was written mostly by Thomas Jefferson and Congress made that day an official holiday on July 4th, 1776. That is why the 4th of July is celebrated only in America, because it’s a celebration of our independence from the British, so it has nothing to do with any other country. The 4th of July has very deep set roots here and all American born citizens should celebrate it.

The 4th of July is mostly celebrated with fireworks, parades, family and friends celebrating together, and red, white, and blue things everywhere. The red, white, and blue is to remember our nation's colors. Even though our flag has changed a lot, the colors have always been red,white and blue. John Adams( the second US president, the president at the time and a founding father of our freedom from England) thought that the 4th of July should be celebrated with fireworks. Apparently, the tradition stuck and we have used them ever since on the 4th of July to light up the sky. How do you celebrate the 4th of July?


by: Alexa

There are very many events in the world. Events happen almost everyday. It just so happens the May Madness is my favorite event! May Madness is a time where all the age group softball teams meet up in one place and we all fight to the finish. May madness takes about two to three days and all of the softball teams have one big tournament.

The tournament is usually in Omaha and about twenty teams show up every year! This tournament really gets you energetic because some teams are tough and when you lose, you go home and you lost the whole tournament. May madness doesn’t cost any money to get into. This event doesn’t raise money for anyone but it does dedicate the top best softball teams in the state. My team, (The Raiders) got in second place.

We made it to the finals but the team we were up against didnt bat all their players. Only the good batters got to. Anyway, May Madness is a very fun event and it is very good for us softball players to get out and do this tournament.

Cross Country

By: Justin

Cross Country (XC) is a sport where teams have to get from Point A to Point B. XC is an individual and team sport. Runners are judged on their individual times and teams by a points-scoring method. Men and women of all ages compete in XC, usually taking place in Autumn or Winter.

The race will still go on even if there is rain, sleet, snow, or hail, and a wide range of temperatures. The races most of the time are 2.5 to 7.5 miles long and the courses mostly contain grass, earth, woodlands, and hills. Although open-air running competitions are prehistoric, the rules and traditions of cross country racing began in Britain. The English championship became the first national competition in 1876 and the international Cross Country Championships was held for the first time in 1903.

Since 1973 the foremost elite competition has been the IAAF World Cross Country Championships. Lastly, I think Cross Country is a fun sport giving the opportunity to children across the nation to get some exercise and who knows, maybe it was XC itself why America isn’t the number one country for Obesity, that title is held by Mexico now.



by: Isaac

Why we hunt is so we can have food. The average hunter spends about $1638 a year in the sport. For amoe, license, the gun, the clothing and gear. Over 38 million people hunt and fish. Americans have been paying 5 billion for taxes since 1939.

Americans hunt and shoot more then golf. No one really came up with hunting it just came to us so we could have meat and clothing because you can get clothes from animals. Humans started hunting 2 million years ago. Hunting is an activity where you hunt for animals or game. Especially for food or for sport. You can hunt anywhere escaped in town for example in forest, desert, mountains, any terrain pretty much.

You can hunt with any weapon, knives, gun, and stick. You could use a vehicle to but you really don’t have to. The clothing that you were is camo but it kind of animal or game, if you are hunting for birds or if your walking and hunting then you have to wear orange.

New York Yankees

by: Noah

The New York Yankees are a baseball team in the MLB. They were established in 1901. The Yankees play in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium. They have won 27 World Series. They play in the summer-time mostly.

Their nickname is the Bronx Bombers. Some of the top players that have played on the New York Yankees are Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle,Yogi Berra, Don Mattingly, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter. The current manager for the Yankees is Joe Girardi. They have 5 players in the Hall of Fame. The colors on their uniforms are navy blue, grey, and white.

Big image
New York Yankees Logo


By Josiah

Who invented pizza? It was invented by Thomas Edison. What is pizza? Pizza is a food with crust, cheese, and sauce. Where is pizza? It’s mainly in America. When was it created? It was created in 1889. Why was pizza invented? Someone invented it because it was food that can make you live. How was pizza invented? By mixing crust sauce and melted cheese.

Pizza can have all kinds of meats and vegetables and sometimes fruits. My favorite kind of pizza is taco pizza. Pizza is one of the most popular foods. There are all kinds of pizza. There's Jacks, Tombstone, and Breado. My favorite place to get pizza is Casey’s.

New students

By Ali

I asked a new student some questions. Her name is Alexa Wolfe. Alexa is from Sioux City.

What was it like to move? “scary.”

What does she likes about this school? The students...sometimes.”

What did she like more about her old school? “Nothing.”

What was something she had to get used to? “The schedule.”

Does she like it here? “Yes.”

I think that moving would be hard. At least for me because I have lived here for all my life I have so many friends here. Plus, Clear Lake has so many things to do here. That is way I think it would be hard to move.


By Cale

What do you think of when you hear the word beach? Usually, swimming. Well, that's what I am going to talk about. Swimming is really fun. You can go swimming with friends and family. Anybody can go swimming. You can go swimming at the pool or the lake. When you go swimming you would want to go when it is really hot and not really cold like in the winter. Why, you ask? Swimming is really fun and it cools you down when you are hot (for me it makes me feel relaxed).

When you learn to swim you would take swimming lessons at the pool. When you are in swimming lessons you would do games and exercises to help you swim better. If you are little you would wear swim floats to help you float when you can't touch the ground. One game that I played was with plastic rings. The lifeguard would through the ring out and you would have to go get the ring. Since I told you a little bit about swimming I am going to go walk to the beach right now.
Big image
My picture is about people swimming in the ocean.


By Haley

Disney was created by the one the only Walt Disney. Yes I said Walt Disney. The guy Walt Disney is the one man that created mickey mouse and minnie mouse. The Walt Disney company, commonly known as Disney or the mouse house. Walt Disney studios is in burbank california. Walt Disney was an american motion picture and television producer and showman. He was famous as a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of Disneyland.

One of my favorite disney characters is Megara from Hercules. She has a light purple dress with dark purple ribbon around it with golden circle clips by her shoulder to hold up her dress. She also has long dark red hair that she has up in a big ponytail. Shes falls in love with Hercules but doesn't really admit it until the end of the movie. I think Disney is wonderful because it reminds me of when I was really little.


By: Sophia

Models, and actors every year walk the run ways of fashion. There are different brands, trends and so much more. In California every year they model off one of the world's most popular brands and trends you can think of. Nike and Under Armour are two of the most popular sporting fashions. Lots of people like it for their special fabrics and colors. Everyone know days has a piece of clothing from these popular brands.

Stores are selling them all over in the nation. From stores to your house, you can get them easily. NIke sells shoes and apparel. Different kinds of shoes are basketball shoes, running shoes, football shoes, gym shoes.etc. Under Armour sells them too. They both are in a competitive running for the money. What do you like NIke, or Under Amour?

Let's see what other people think?

Ali: "Nike, because under amour rips easier and Nike, just like the products better."

Julia: "Under Armour because 1. I don’t have anything Nike, 2. Under armour is more soft and durable."

Emily: "Nike, because there's lots of options at Nike and not as much as under armour."

Syd: "Nike, because it is more comfy, they also have a lot more products and they're cheaper."

Allison: "Nike, because it is better because they have more options."

Kaitlyn: "Nike, because Nike is more legit, looks better."

How do Dogs See us?

By: Addi

Dogs are something we like to call pets, but what do they think of us? The question rings in my head constantly, so I decided to write about it. Dogs do not see as many colors as us, but they do see color. Dogs have yellow and blue cones. Those combine and makes the color grey, so dogs can only really see blue yellow and grey. They can see more than just one shade of those colors. They see different shades of yellow, blue, and maybe grey. Dogs look at us like family, kind of like siblings or mom or dad, but not in that way. It all depends on how much you have bonded with the animal, and the day you two first met. Dogs can see you as a best friend, or someone that they would never leave your side. They rely on you just like you do on them. Dogs treat us like their own family. For example they could protect a baby from people they don’t know, because they want to keep it safe. For another example a person had a dog and the person sadly died, the dog showed up at the funeral at sat at the casket and was depressed for months, because it missed it’s human.

How do dogs see us like family? It all starts with when you first get the dog. You might have saved it or adopted it when it was a puppy. If you saved the dog, then the dog could have bonded or realized that you are ok and you care about it. If you adopted it when it was a puppy, then it grew up and thinks of you as family or a best friend. Same for if you saved the dog.
Big image
This is an example of a difference between how humans see and dogs.


By Xavier

Racism is a known thing. Its when somebody from a different race says offensive words to your race. For example when a white person says the “n” word to a black african man he is often offended for some reason. Now there is a reason to that but let's not get into it, it would most likely have foul words in it. So how is racism a bad thing? Well it is because it is used to offend others. It also can be used other ways. For example if police man shoots a african man for no reason, that can be known as an act of racism. Racism happens a lot in Detroit and Chicago. When do these acts of racism mainly happen? Anytime, it can happen any year of any month of any day of any hour of any minute of any second. That’s just about how bad it is.

Most policemen think that they can get away with saying that they misplaced their taser with their gun. And one police man tried doing that one time. If I am correct I believe that he was fired, and he deserved it! Why do these policemen do it? Thats one of the most asked questions. I would like to know myself because I think that is it just terrible that they pull this kind of stuff. I also think that any policeman that does that should be fired right away. (Because it is wrong.)


By: Jacob

Pritchards is a car dealership located in northern Iowa. They have stores located in Clear Lake, Britt, Garner, Forest City, Mason City, and Clarion. The founder and owner is Gerald Pritchard. It was founded in 1962. He founded it to sell cars.

He gets people to come into his store and buy things. He sells a lot of pickups like Ford f-150, Ford f-250s, and Ford f-350s. He also sells cars, vans, and SUVs. They also sell new and used vehicles. They also change oil and do tire changes. Recently, they have sold out the Clear Lake location to Billion Auto Franchise.


by: Xavier

Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 is the most famous game trend! Why? Because lots of people enjoy playing these Treyarch games(The main owner is David Vonderhaar). There have been many different Call of Duty games made by Treyarch. Examples are: COD BO1(Call of Duty Black Ops 1) COD BO2, COD BO3.

Why might they be famous trends you may ask. They are a trend because they represent a major step up in the gaming community. They are also considered trends because they are played by famous people. For example, FaZe Rain (Youtuber, Somebody who plays games for money) and the rest of the FaZe clan. Why do they play it? Well they do mainly for the money, but also for entertaining their subscribers (People who like their videos). Now that you have heard about this game, you may wanna know where you can pick it up. You can pick it up at Iowa’s Mason City (50428). Or any gamestop (Place where they sell games).

Clear Lake Middle School Basketball

by: Noah

Today I’ll be talking about Local Middle School Basketball. The coaches are:

7th Grade Girls - Abby Lasher

7th Grade Boys - Adam Brinkman

8th Grade Girls - Troy Einertson

8th Grade Boys - Shawn Puttmann

Everyone plays at the Clear Lake Middle School Gym unless the team is playing “Away”. To sign up you can go to the office. All the teams play after school at 4:15. They don’t play right after school so they can warm up.

7th Grade Girls Basketball Games - At Hampton-Dumont Middle School Gym against Hampton-Dumont. Score - 55-2 Lions win. At Webster City Middle School Gym against Webster City - 25-21 Lions win. Sources - Sophia Ollenburg.

7th Grade Boys Basketball Games - At Hampton-Dumont Middle School Gym against Hampton-Dumont. Score - 47-15 Lions win. At Clarion Middle School Gym against Clarion. Score - 34-21 Lions win. At Clear Lake Middle School Gym against Forest City. Score - 31-21 Forest City win. Sources - Andrew Formanek.

8th Grade Girls Basketball Games - At Clear Lake Middle School Gym against Hampton-Dumont. Score - 31-28 Lions win. At Clear Lake Middle School Gym against Webster City. Score - 38-29 Lions win. Sources - Lexi Fasbender.

8th Grade Boys Basketball Games - At Clear Lake Middle School Gym against Hampton-Dumont. Score - 48-18 Lions win. At Clear Lake Middle School Gym against Clarion. Score - 38-17 Lions win. At Forest City Middle School Gym against Forest City. Score- 29-28 Lions win. Sources - Kanon Goeman, Austin Larson, and Ryan Thomas.


By Haley

CreepyPastas are creatures, mists, strange figures, and even objects. Like there’s Jeff the Killer, The Rake, Sally, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Hoodie, Masky, and many more, They are names of CreepyPastas. Creepypastas are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name ‘’Creepypasta’’ comes from the word ‘’copypasta’’, an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website.CreepyPastas have been written in history. CreepyPastas has thousands and thousands of stories on the internet. Like the Rake.

The Rake is a hairless looking dog type. The story is that there was a man and woman sleeping in their beds the man woke up to his wife’s scream he looked at the end of the bed. He saw a creature that looked like a hairless dog. The man saw that the creature was eyeing the man’s kid’s room. The man tries to run to the kid’s room, but the creature went there faster. When the man and woman got to the kids room the their little daughter was laying on the floor in a pile of blood, and the last thing she said was “He is the Rake”. What’s scary is that she said the name of her killer with the last breath she had. I love CreepyPastas. I love the way they scare me.

Natural Disasters

By Cale

Tornados, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquake, volcano. They all have a name together, it is natural disasters.

If there is a natural disaster like a volcano you would run away from the lava that is coming. Volcanos erupt by the low density and the pressure makes it rise. When there is an eruption you want to leave your house.

A hurricane can happen where a ocean that is nearby. Hurricanes can happen whenever. When a hurricane is happening you would want to get to high grounds.

The most recent hurricane was in October. 20, 2015 and displayed on October. 24, 2015.

A tornado can happen mostly anywhere. Tornadoes happen in thunderstorms, but not in the winter. A tornado happens when hot and cold air are playing tag. When a tornado is happening you would go to your basement. When a tornado is happening mostly everything is going to be tore apart and it is all over the place.

A tsunami can happen by the ocean. It happens when a earthquake is happening when it is under water. A tsunami can happen whenever it wants. A tsunami happens when a earthquake happens in the water. When a tsunami is happening you want to get to high grounds. The most recent tsunami was Sep. 16, 2015 in Chile.

An earthquake mostly happens by the continental plates. An earthquake can happen whenever it wants. There is a lot of different ways that a earthquake happens, but I am only going to tell you about. When two tectonic plates rub together then one of them goes above the other one.

When a earthquake is happening you want to get outside and look in the sky for falling objects. The most recent earthquake was in Murghob, Tajikistan.

When a tornado is happening mostly everything is going to be tore apart and it is all over the place.

These happen because it is natural, and that is why it is called a natural disaster. The most recent tornado

was in November 14, 2015.



BY: Justin

Baseball is a sport with a bat and a ball played by two teams that both consist of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding. The team batting attempts to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher into the outfield. When the ball is hit the players from the team batting run counter-clockwise to 1st, 2nd, 3rd base, scoring a run when sliding into home plate. Each score is equivalent to one point. The fielding team tries to stop the batting team from scoring by either catching the ball that is hit into the air by one of the players from the other team.

They can tag one of the players running the bases with the ball. Lastly the fielding team can force out the base runners if stomping on the base with ball in hand while batter attempts to get to base. After 3 outs the teams will alternate from batting to fielding. An entire game consists of 9 innings. Baseball is the only game in America that doesn’t have a game clock.

The levels of play are Little League Baseball, Middle School Baseball, High School Baseball, JV Baseball, Varsity Baseball, College Baseball, Minor League Baseball and then the Pro League Baseball.

I think baseball is a fun sport. It is good that there are many people playing at a young age so when they get older they won’t be video game junkies or watch TV all day like some people I know.


By: Clayton

Skateboarding was made in the late 1940’s and/or early 1950’s. No one knows who made the first skateboard. The first skateboard made was because there were no waves to surf on. The first skateboard made was made in a surf shop in California. It was meant to be used by surfers in their downtime. Some famous skateboarders are Tony Hawk, Paul Rodriguez, Rob Dyrdek, and Chris Cole. Some records are the highest Ollie which 44.5 inches of the ground. The biggest jump is 79 ft. long and 23.5 ft. high.

They were made by getting wooden boxes or boards and putting roller skating wheels on the bottom. On January first, nineteen sixty-six there was a sudden crash of popularity with skateboards. On March seventh, nineteen seventy-eight the “Ollie” was made which was made by Alan Gelfand. On March seventh, nineteen ninety-five the first extreme skateboarding games were made which was made in San Francisco. On June twenty-first, two thousand four it was made “Go Skateboarding Day”.

resources: about. com


By Ali

In the Clear Lake High School, the Anatomy II class is doing a blood drive. The blood drive is where you donate blood. You have to be over 16 and weigh 120 or more. The LifeServe Blood Center people do it. You have to sign up in room 102. If you sign up, you donate from 8:30 - 2:00 in the high school gym. One pint could save 3 people.

I interviewed Kyle Willms and Cassidy Flory. Kyle Willms said it “made him feel good.” Cassidy Flory said it “made her feel good that people were getting what they need.” If I was of age and of weigh. I would donate blood because I like the thought of saving people's live.


by: Isaac

The man that made the GoPro camera is Nick Woodman. The thing that NIck W. made was a GoPro. Nick lives in california and he is known as a mad billionaire. Nick W. was born Jun. 24th, 1975 age (40) in Santa Clara County, California. GoPro has been making new cameras. The newest one is the size of your eye. The other types are the GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, and Hero 4. The company was started in year 2002. In 2004 Nick released the first GoPro.

I think there are good is because they are used for sport. They are a small, wide angle camera you can buy stands and waterproof cases for allowing you use them in the water. With the GoPro you can take still photos as well as videos of you surfing, biking, skateboarding, you can put them on RC Cars (remote control cars), or go scuba diving using the waterproof case.

Cam Newton

by: Alexa

Cam Newton is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. His number is number one. The Carolina Panthers are NFL pro team, 5th division. They are twelve and zero. His team played the Saints December 6, 2015 and they won! Their next game is against the Falcons on December 13, 2015.

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989 in Atlanta. He is 6-5 and weighs is 245 pounds. He is now 26 years old. He went to Auburn for college and it is his 5th Season playing football. He went to Westlake, HS, Atlanta, Georgia. Cam Newton owns a pair of custom made cleats. They have a picture of him doing his signature move the dab, it is a dance that you put up your elbow and raise your other arm straight back and whip your head just before the bend of your elbow. Cam says the whenever he makes a touchdown and does the dab, it brings him to his “Happy Place”.

The cleats are blue under armour cleats and the sole of the cleat is chrome. Cam Newton was drafted to the Carolina Panthers in 2011. The Panthers go up for long passes more than they run the ball.

How 7th Grade Volleyball Works

By: Addi

Everyone has their own ways of playing volleyball. How do you play it? If you don’t know how to play, then I can tell you a little farther in the story. If you would like to play it you can sign up in the school office or sign up when you are registering for school. Volleyball is mostly a game that girls play, but boys can also play. It is played in a gym with a net in the center, and lines on the court to show the boundaries and the lines that make the ball “out”. Volleyball is played during the beginning of school and goes several months into it. Girls love to play volleyball, because it gives you great exercise and lots of girls say it is super fun. It gives you an awesome opportunity to get to know people better.

Wondering how to play it? Now is the time to listen up. It starts with six players on the court. They all have a certain area to guard. The area they have to guard is chosen by the coach. There are three people in the front and three in the back. One of the players in the front on the sides will go up to the net at all times, and be the main setter. Everyone’s goal is to get the ball to her so she can set it over to hit or spike the ball. The server has to serve from behind a line and make it to the other side of the net.

The objective in the game is to get the ball on the other side of the net, and also get it on the ground on the other side. Also, if you are in the front row you can run up to the ball, block it up at the net if the ball is coming towards you, and you have enough time to get there. The people in the back, their job is to pass the ball back up to the front so they can spike it over.


By: Dani

Farming is a very important thing, even though it is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Farmers put seeds in the ground in March or April, depending on when the snow melts. Then harvest them in August or September, or whenever the plants seem ready. Most of the coastal states don’t have soil that could grow, so most of the farming in the us is done in the midwest. If you don’t know where that is, it is from Minnesota through Missouri and in between Kansas and Indiana. Somehow the midwest got all of the good soil in the US, while most states can’t grow anything. Farming provides food for the US, and money for the US, too, because we can export food to other countries. Farming may be boring, but it is vital.

Farming season starts when farmers put seeds in the main acres they own. Then, they have to water them and weed them until they harvest them. Most people think that farming is done with just tractors, but many pieces of equipment are needed to successfully harvest a crop. Every farmer needs a lot of equipment, but I will only tell you a few. Every farmer needs a tractor, cultivator, planter and a sprayer. Farmers have to work very hard to get a crop ready and even harder to bring it in. Some farmers can’t grow crops, but most in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska grow most of the US’s food. There are also animal farmers in those states, but that is a topic for another day. When you live in Iowa most if what you see fields, and they may look boring,but a lot goes on in those fields. Now you know what goes on in those seemingly boring fields.

Vacation in the Wilderness

By Sophia

The environment is very important to the earth, animals and nature. It gives them food, shelter and life. In the summer, for about a week we always go to Park Rapids, Minnesota. My aunt, Kimberly, owns a resort named Loon's Nest Resort there. We also go there to see my cousins, they live there with my aunt. The resort has a lake and cabins you sleep in. Park Rapids is right by Canada so we see lots of bears, deer and other wilderness animals all the time. But there are lots of bugs like mosquitoes. I love it there, and it is a great environment.

My aunt takes us fishing all the time with my uncle. We go fishing and catch northerns, bass, and a lot of tiny blue gills, there very easy to catch and great to eat. There’s also a sand bar. A sand bar is very shallow water that leads to a river. It is very fun to relax, and a lot of fish just swim right by you all the time. We go tubing and water skiing all the time in the lake, but there is swimmer's itch in there lake. Swimmer's itch is like bug bites, but when you swim it gets on you and it itches really bad. That's why you are supposed to but cream on before you go swim. My aunt gives it to everyone in their cabin. It helps not itch as much if you have it and can prevent it from you getting it. The environment there is very important.


By: Justin

MLG (Major League Gaming) is a professional e-sports organization where teams with a particular set of skills compete against each other for large amounts money. MLG is located in New York City, New York and was created in 2002 by Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso. MLG has held gaming tournaments throughout America and Canada. Some of the tournaments they’ve had were in Columbus, Ohio and New York City, New York. Major League gaming competitions have been broadcasted on live television,, and other broadcast sites. MLG’s goal is to elevate computer console game tournaments to viable competitive and spectator events.

The MLG Pro Circuit roster includes Starcraft 2, the Call Of Duty franchise. Each team/player must purchase a team pass to compete. These passes normally go on sale several weeks in advance of the next pro circuit event. Passes are limited, so participants are encouraged to purchase a pass as soon as they go on sale. To watch a live event a general admission pass is 45.00$. The V.I.P. pass is 150.00$ and it come with Premium Floor seating, Exclusive access to V.I.P. lounge, exclusive Nike evnt hoodie, early access to venue (1 hour) 2 beverage vouchers per day for V.I.P. lounge. Major League Gaming also hosts a series of online qualifier for the online-only pro circuit titles leading to the nations championship.

Call Of Duty is the leading franchise in video games. Yes, there are other big games like the Dota or Halo series but Call Of Duty is number one because it is the most competitive.

The Story of J.k Rowling

by Gina

J.k Rowling ( Joanne Rowling) was born in Chipping Sodbury, July 31, 1965. She went to St. Michael’s Primary School. After Finishing School, she studied French at the University of Exeter. The University of Exeter is in England. Finishing School is a school for young women who learn about social graces, and upper class cultural.After she spent a year in Paris, she graduated from the University. She worked for Amnesty International, the charity against human rights abusers. In 1990, she went on a long train from Manchester to London. She had to wait for the train for four hours. In December 1990, she lost her mother to Multiple Sclerosis. After Harry Potter books 1,2,and 3 were written she wanted to continue the Harry Potter series.

She was on the train and she was thinking about writing books, and when she get off she saw a very young boy. She thought about writing stories about a very young boy that did not know that he was a Wizard. Her mother died from a disease, and she said in the book that Harry Potter’s mother died because she was killed by Voldemort. I like her books very much because it makes you get into the stories.

The Clown Fish

By Cale

There is one fish I am going to talk about that is the clownfish (Anemonefish). The clown fish live in a sea anemone. The fish is orange with white stripes and it is shaped like an oval. No one knows when the clown fish was discovered. It is called the clownfish because of its multicolored anemone which is their home. Its group name is called a school. One cool fact about the clownfish is that they can change their gender when they want to.

I like this kind of fish is because, it is very unique in a lot of different ways like living in a really cool anemone. There is one thing I do not get about the fish. Why is it called the clownfish? It doesn’t even look like a clown. I hope you have learned a lot about the clownfish.

Adam Sandler

By: Clayton

Adam sandler was born September 9, 1966. He is a famous actor and comedian. He was on his first TV show in 1975. Some of his popular movies are Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy, The Waterboy, Pixels, Jack and Jill, and Grownups 1 and 2. He has won the Kid’s Choice Awards twice and he has won the People's Choice Awards.

He was performing in comedy clubs when he was discovered by comedian Dennis Miller who caught Sandlers act in L.A. and recommended him to Saturday Night Live. Adam’s parents are Judy Sandler and Stanley Sandler. He is married to Jackie Sandler and he lives in L.A. His children are Sadie Madison Sandler and Sunny Madeline Sandler. I think Adam Sandler is a great actor.



Wrestling can be dated back to the first olympics and was featured in the first official olympics on April 6,1896. Wrestling is a classic contact sport that is based on pinning your opponent and taking them down. You can also win by default points.

It’s done by technique and skill. Wrestlers are divided by weights and skill levels to even the game out. There are teams with several different wrestlers. Every time a wrestler wins the team gets points.

During a match you get 2 points if you get a takedown 3points for a reversal 1 point for escape and you can also get points if your opponent does an illegal move after the warnings or cautions If you win, you are awarded points for your team. If you get a pin, you will get nearly double the points. This is why when you are losing by a lot of points, you still try not to get pinned. There are different parts in a wrestling match. There are people known as lambers. A team uses these to take on challenging people so other wrestlers can keep their energy. they are supposed to lose, but not get pinned. They are great at defense and are set to last the match and not get pinned.

Wrestling is my favorite sport and if you win it's not a team thing because no one helped you in that match. You won it by yourself.

Stefon Diggs


Stefon Diggs is a Minnesota Vikings wide receiver. The Wide receiver catches the ball. He was the 146th overall draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. He grew up in Maryland. He went to University Maryland. He got drafted to the Vikings.

He played at University of Maryland. He then went from college to the Minnesota Vikings, and is now a starting Wide Receiver. He had had 600 recieving yards in his career. He is 22 Years old. He is 6 foot tall. His number is 14. He got signed for 2.5 million dollars. He had a bonus of $200,000. I don’t think stefon diggs is the best but he is good.

Peyton Manning

by Ty

Peyton Manning was born March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, LA. He has 2 brothers, Copper Manning his older brother, and Eli Manning his younger brother. His his dad is Acrhie Manning, and Oliva Manning his mom. He went to Newman High School in New Orleans.

Peyton Manning went to Tennessee. He lead the Tennessee Volunteers to the 1997 SEC Championship in his senior season. But they lost to the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the National Championship. He got drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998 where he played from 1998 to 2011. Then, off to the Denver Broncos, where he still plays. In 2014, Peyton Manning threw for 55 touchdown passes.In his career he has 71,810 passing yards so far. I think that Peyton Manning is one of the best Quarterbacks in the National Football League because of this.

Dirt bikes

by: Isaac

In 1909, Michio Suzuki founded the dirt bike, what is now Suzuki, in a seacoast village of Hamamatsu, Japan. The first Suzuki dirt bike was made in 1937, but then they started to make prototypes of cars. The Suzuki dirt bike is liquid-cooled and has a four stroke engine. Why there are dirt bikes? Some people use them for racing or for fun. They can be used in dirt, sand, and rocky terrain. They can give you a new adventure other than a car.

The Suzuki dirt bike is only one kind of dirt bike, The world makes much more, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki are other makers of dirt bikes. They make dirt bikes for all ages. They have very small bikes and very big bikes. They also make road bikes. The difference is that there are lights, for example head light, back light, and turn lights that make them legal. What I like about riding it is freedom. If I had a dirt bike I would get a Kawasaki or a Yamaka and I would ride it at my dad’s farm or in a ditch.

“The Unknown”

By Haley

I have had my own supernatural story. The unknown is usually a thing, or figure that people have seen or felt the presence of but they don't have a name for it so they call it the unknown. It can sometimes be a ghost, or a creature. The unknown has been researched for years and years. Things that have been researched ghosts,a creature called the rake, and much more. The unknown can also be called the supernatural, or the unseen. The unknow is also some kind or mist or particle that people can not figure out a name for.

My supernatural story is that when I was little I woke up in like the middle of the night. I walked into my parents room because I was scared of the dark. I layed next to my mom who was on the left side of the bed, My little brother was in the middle and my dad was on the right side.. I cuddled by her and I heard someone call my name I looked over my mom, brother and dad. I saw a little girl that was like glowing blue. She was my name in a voice that sounded like she need help. I said “What…” and supernatural figure kept calling my name. I was trying to wake up my mom and dad to see, but they told me to go away. These “unknown things” usually occur at populated places like a mail or a hotel because creatures need the living to survival.


By:Dani M

Some people may think wrestling is really weird and if you have ever been to a meet it kind of is. Wrestling is very hard to do and takes a lot out of you, but it can also get people to know you, like Ryan Faught, Ryan Leisure, Ryan Schmalen and Brennan Dobell. They are 4 state wrestlers, but unfortunately Ryan S and Brennan graduated last year and have gone to wrestle for colleges. We now have many hopeful freshman and other high schoolers that are working very hard every day to get to that level and maybe win state. The high school wrestling team wrestles in a room across the hall from the gym and they wrestle in the gym. They have to wrestle on mats so they don't get hurt. They have to move them from the wrestling room to the gym for every home meet. That alone can take energy out of the wrestlers because the mats weigh a lot.

Wrestling does take a lot out of you and there are some pretty awkward positions you have to do to win, but all wrestlers enjoy it. There are many ways to score points but I will tell you 3. You can escape from the other person’s hold for 1 point in a escape. You can wrestle them down to the mat on their stomach for 2 points in a take down, and you can get them on to the mat on their back for 3 seconds in a pin. If you pin someone, you win right away, but you have to be careful. There is a limited amount of space you can wrestle in and if you step out you have to stop the clock and get back to the point in which you started the period. If you step out in the 1st period you get to sand up. After the 1st period, the ref will flip a coin and it will have two colors, one on each side. The two people wrestling will wear a strip of fabric on their ankles corresponding with the colors on their ankles. Most of the time it is red and green and if the coin comes up green, the green wrestler will pick if he wants top or bottom, then the red will get the other one in the 3rd period. If you are on bottom,you need to get on your hands and knees , while the person on top puts one hand over your belly button and the other hand on your elbow. Then you need to wrestle from that position. You still need to try to escape, takedown or pin the other person. The first period is 3 minutes,and the second and third are 2 minutes.

I think the Clear Lake Lions are the better team because of how much our wrestlers give to get into wrestling shape and stay that way. They work themselves very hard in practice and our coaches our great because they don't just teach our wrestlers wrestling. They are very good wrestlers and also teach the wrestlers how to be good people,get good grades and do the right thing. What do you think about wrestling?


by: Alexa

Softball is a lot like baseball, but they are still different.

Softball fields are 60 feet apart unlike baseball fields are 90 feet apart. Softball is also known for being played in 140 countries. Softball was invented in Chicago in 1887 by George Hancock. There are two varieties of softball fast pitch and slow pitch.

Softball was made on a Thanksgiving Day, 1887. 111 years later was the very first Softball game. The way George Hancock came up with making the game of softball is kind of odd. There were two guys in a fight at a boxing rink. One of the guys got so mad that he threw a boxing glove at his opponent, it just so happened that the guy that had the boxing glove coming towards his face had a pole and he hit the boxing glove, defending himself.

George Hancock tied together two boxing gloves and chalked out a diamond on the floor of the gym he was in. As the bat, he broke off the handle of a broom. After the set was all done he yelled “Let’s Play Ball”. After a week, he made an oversized ball and a rubber-tipped bat. In the spring of 1888, George Hancock’s game was moved outdoors.

In the spring of 1895, the very first women’s softball team was made in Chicago’s West Division High School.

They didn’t have a coach until 1899. At the Chicago National Tournament in 1933, male and female champions were honored equally. Softball is a very popular sport much like baseball is. Sadly, softball is not an olympic or a major league sport like baseball.

I love playing softball because I love being active, I think it’s a good sport because it builds your strength, speed, and your ability to hit a dinger.


By: Ali

240 million people play soccer around the world. soccer started about 150000 BC ago. People would kick an animal hide ball around. That is why we play soccer today. Now, we have the world cup. The world cup is when the best players play a game.The winner are know as the best player that year. The first soccer game was in 1872 at West of Scotland Cricket Club’s Ground. It was Scotland vs England.

There are a lot of rules in soccer. Here are the important ones. The first one is do not touch the ball with your hand. The second one is you can not push people or you could get a red card. If they give you a red card you have to go without playing.The third one is you can not be offsides. If you are behind the last defender you are offsides. Those are the most important rules.This why I love to play soccer.

Adam Sandler

By Josiah

Who is Adam Sandler? He is a T.V. actor. He plays in these movies: Billy Madison, Pixels, Grown-Ups I and II, The Longest yard, and more. He plays in a lot of funny movies. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was born September 9, 1966. He lives now Los Angeles, California. Why he was an actor? He wanted to do something he could enjoy and be goofy at the same time. How old is Adam sandler? He is 49 years old.

Adam Sandler is a cast member at Saturday Night Live. He is known for comic roles. Adam sandler makes $300 billion a year. He has had forty five awards. He also has been in 49 movies/cartoons. His last movie was Hotel Transylvania II. His first movie was The Longest Yard. My favorite movie of his is the The Longest Yard. He is funny because he's in a lot of the funny movies.


By : Noah

Today I'll be talking about Nationwide News. On Dec. 2, 2015 there was a robbery. It happened at a local plant in Tulare, California. Over $500,000 were stolen in pistachios. Why is something people would ask. The driver took 40,000 pounds of pistachios and drove away. The plant had no idea anything was going on. They don't know who it is yet. The authorities thought it was going to Eastern Europe.

The robber did it by passing the inspections. Then, he hacked a DOT database and fooled people to get loads of nuts. When he hacked the DOT database he got information that he shouldn't have gotten. The first time this happened in 2013, the victim had to pay a $200,000 walnut heist fine. There may of been more than one person that had committed this crime.

How Does Weather Work?

By: Addi

1772 was the first day and type of weather was recorded. Temperatures vary on where you live. I happen to live in Iowa. In Iowa, we have very hot summers and very cold winters, but if you live near the Equator then your climate will be warm all year round. It's the opposite when you live in the poles, it’s cold and all the time. Also, when you live by the ocean (for example California), there is a better chance of a Tsunami or Hurricane coming to your area, and a bigger chance of rain because you live near water. If you live in “Tornado Alley” (which is in the midwest), you can tell there is going to be more tornadoes than there would be if you lived on the coasts. The reason for that is because there is a mixture of hot and cold air, which makes a tornado.

If you’re wondering how all these storms work I’ll tell you how now. Tsunamis are huge waves that can take down an entire city. They are caused by earthquakes and moving plates under the earth and under water. The wave actually doesn’t start out very big. As the wave gets closer to shore it gets bigger, and bigger. Then, it will get to shore and destroy. Tornadoes are caused by hot and cold air combined, and it makes a huge wind swirl in the air coming down from the clouds. It will destroy anything in it’s path.

Earthquakes occur when plates in the earth collide, and move to make more space for them all to fit in the earth. The moving of the plates causes the earth to shake above where the plates are moving. Hurricanes start from tropical storms and build up in the ocean from the warm atmosphere, and warm water near the equator. They also cause Tsunamis from the amount of wind Hurricanes have.


By: Sophia

One day, in 1993, two men of the name Troy and Austin were taking a golfing trip. It was around summer and it was very hot out. The men walked into the lobby where they stayed also very excited. They got their key and walked up to their floor. As they got in the room, they smelled a very unusual smell. They ignored it and slept all night till the morning when they had their golf tournament. The next day, they headed for home. A few weeks after, both of the boys got a knock on the door. “Hello, did you sleep at Best Western on the 3rd floor?” They both replied yes. “Well we found a dead body under one of the mattresses you slept on. We need to interview both of you to find out who did it.” They never found out who did it, but people still hear sounds from that very room. Why it happened... no one knows. It still remains a mystery today!

Scientists say why it smelled so bad was the decaying of the body. It could've happened more than a week or two ago. Everyone knew this wasn't an accident, so in 1995 they arrested owner of the hotel, Andy Larson after finding bloody clothes in his house. He went to court, but found guilty after having the blood be from an animal. They had no other suspects so they named the case CLOSED. I think that Andy was the murderer because he had the key to the room in the hotel. What do you think?

Laser Tag

By Xavier

Laser tag is located in 2 different places! You can go to Adrenaline X here in Clear Lake, Iowa (50428), or you can go to the one in Mason City, (Roller City) Iowa (50401). The Mason City one (Roller city) is sometimes open, but it is mainly used for roller skating! My team is called “squad” (Me, Andrew, Noah, Jacob, Carson, Justin, Pringles, and Alec is part time). We go there every weekend (Saturday) and play different teams that have other people that come to play. Adrenaline X is open everyday of the week. Saturdays and Fridays are recommended because there is less people. On those days it is open 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

You may ask, “How do you play laser tag?” All you do is try to shoot the headband with the red lights to send them back to their spawn point (the starting point) for all of the people on the opposing team (other people who pay to come). There is also other types of game modes. For example, FFA (Free For All), TDM (Team Deathmatch), and CW (Clock Work) are all types of game modes. There are more; too many to name! The way teams are picked is up to you. You just put your name under any team number from 1-6 when you show up. The main reason people go there, is too have fun! It’s a good thing to do and keeps you active when you are moving around.