Grade 2A Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 5 Summer Term: 3rd - 6th May 2016

Heroic Jaime triumph at gala

A huge thank you to all the parent supporters who joined us for the G2A / G3 swimming gala on Wednesday! It was a fantastic event with all the children showing determination, perseverance and enthusiasm for their races. The teachers' boat race at the end was fantastic too!


This week in IPC we have investigated Fairtrade. We spent a considerable amount of time, researching what it is, what it means for cacao growers and which companies embrace it. Look out for the fun optional Home Learning task on the VLE - WOW cards will be awarded to those who complete the task.

Next week we move on to Sustainability and then Science. We will introduce the sustainability compass and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We will link these goals to our Chocolate unit and decide how we can also make a difference in the world to protect our planet, to end poverty and to ensure prosperity for all. In Science we will link eating chocolate to our previous learning about the Human Body and particularly teeth. We will plan a fair test to see which snacks are the healthiest for our teeth.

Language Arts

In Language Arts this week, we have been focusing on the planning process of story writing. Thank you for your support with talking to your child about their Cinderella story, the impact was very evident in their comments. The written work this week involved the children making final decisions on the attributes of their main character. They were encouraged to talk with friends during lesson times as a means to assist their thought processes.

Next week they will create a more formal plan for the skeleton of their story. Please continue the conversations at home about their story choices.

Our reading focus has been ‘Summarising.’ One of the key differences between strong comprehension skills at this age is the children’s ability to summarise. Children with good comprehension skills can select relevant information from texts and summarise events. Children who are still focusing on comprehension will retell every detail of a story and be unable to select key events. We are highlighting the importance of summarising to children whilst reading books about Chocolate!

The spelling rule this week has focused on the suffix ‘ful.’ The children are more aware of the impact adding the suffix has and are making less errors in the spelling (many children naturally doubled the final l.) Next week we will be moving on to prefixes, in particular, non, mis and anti.


This week Grade 2A began their unit on Fractions, learning to interpret fractions as part of a whole. The children have identified fractions (half to twelfth) of shapes by looking at what is shaded and not shaded. They have played many matching fraction games; matching the number fraction to its pictorial form.

Next week your child will continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of fractions. Your child will be comparing and ordering like and unlike fractions. They will then progress on to adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator.

Grade 2A are continuing to work on their rapid recall of Mental Maths facts; multiplication, division and addition and subtraction within 1000.

Swim message

This week has seen the end of our swimming block culminating in the Fantastic swim Galas for G1-6. Well done to everyone! Please note that all classes (with the exception of those below will now revert back to double land PE until the end of term). There will be NO further express swimming classes.

The following classes are now on their swimming block, which will continue until the end of term:

G1AMc - Wed 11.20am

G2RMu - Thurs 11.20am

G3KHa - Wed 8.20am

G4JKa - Wed 2.00pm

G5SGe - Thurs 1.00pm

G6PMc - Mon 1.00pm

G6NCo - Wed 1.00pm

Home Learning

All homework is now on our VLE, but usual routines still apply.

Please note that all unusual home learning tasks are explained to all children before they appear on the VLE. Please ask your child what they have been told to avoid unnecessary communication with class teachers.

Diary Dates

Thursday 12th May - Mufti Day, all proceeds going to Jamilah, the lunchtime Auntie, who was badly injured in an accident.

Friday 13th May - Founders' Day - School closes at 12.20

Monday 16th May - All monies to be paid for Chocolate trips

Monday 30th May - CDy to Anjali Chocolate

Wednesday 1st June - CDa to Anjali Choclate

Friday 3rd June - RMu to Anjali Chocolate