Elementary mLearning Apps

5 Apps great for any mLearning environment

Mobile learning is easy and can be done on any mobile device

All these apps are free from the iTunes App store and can be used with any Apple product (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad ect.) but most of them are available for Android apps as well.


Pizza Fractions

Pizza fractions is a math app for students who need extra help with their fraction skills. The student starts with easy fractions that become more difficult as they progress through the game.

This app is useful for grades 4 and up

You can download the app here


SpellingCity is an app where students play games to help them with their spelling and vocabulary words. There are a variety of different minigames to choose from such as "Missing Letter", "Hang Mouse", and "Word Unscramble". The levels range from Grade 1 to SAT prep words for grades 10-12.

You can download this app here



BrainPOP is an app, and also an interactive website where students can do many things, depending on which app they get. This app shows movies on space, food chains, rocks & minerals ect, and provides a game/quiz afterwards to see if students have understood what they've just learned.

Appropriate for grades one and up

You can download the app here or visit the website here


Math vs Zombies

Math vs Zombies is a math game where the student solves math problems to defend the town against zombies. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are used in this game.

Good for grades 1-5

You can download the app here

Math Vs Zombies
Best iPad Apps For Kids: Pizza Fractions



Duolingo is a language app that teaches and enhances the language levels in French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and English. It starts off with grammar and sentence structure, where you are able to do writing, reading, listening and speaking activities to improve your language skills.

Good for elementary and up.

You can download the app here