Pozzo's Actions

Pozzo's Background

Pozzo, a male, appears in the book after lucky came along. Pozzo has a very "bossy" attitude, more like the master or a father figure. He is very powerful and confident of what he does. He is the one that seems like he's "On Top" of every current situation. Pozzo has been mistreating Lucky, he treats Lucky as if he was a slave. Pozzo constantly calls lucky by animal names, and when Pozzo commands something to Lucky, Lucky obeys.



Pozzo: "Lets say no more about it.(He jerks the rope) Up Pig! (Pause) Every time he drops he falls asleep. (Jerks the rope.) Up hog! (Noise of Lucky getting up and picking up his baggage. Pozzo jerks the rope.) Back! (Enter Lucky backwards.) Stop! (Lucky stops.) Turn! ....................... (To Lucky.) Coat! (Lucky puts down the bag, advances, gives the coat, goes back to his place, takes up the bag.) Hold that! (Pozzo holds out the whip. Lucky advances and, both his hands being occupied, takes the whip in his mouth, then goes back to his place. Pozzo begins to put on his coat, stops.) Coat! (Lucky puts down the bag, basket and stool, helps Pozzo on with his coat, goes back to his place and takes up bag, basket and stool.)"

This is a parts of a quote when Pozzo comes in, on how he treats Lucky.


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