Zach's Lie

by Roland Smith


Zach and his family get put in to the witness protection program because his dad was bringing in illegal drugs in to the country. After they get stuck in the witness protection program Zack has to live a lie. When his family was put into the witness protection program they moved to Elko Nevada. One moved to Nevada Zach had to change schools and there he found a girlfriend. FYI Zach's real name is Jack.


The town of Elko, Nevada.

related on what the books he has written!!

Jack's Run,Zach's Lie,Cryptid Hunters, Peak,Tentacles, and the Storm Runners series

people in the story

Commander IF, Zach, Patrisha, his mom,his aunt Doris, uncle don, Pat, Mrs. Osborne, Agent

Roland Smith

One of Roland's friends dad was a drug trafficker. The dad was arrested and his family had to move and change there identities.