News from 4C

Jamie Campbell

What's New? 9/7-9/11

We used iPads for the first time this week. We challenged each other in an addition/subtraction space race with a neat app called Socrative. We also used this app to review for our math test. I was able to create a quiz with review questions for our test, and the students worked at their own pace to complete it. The app provides immediate individual feedback to me, as well as final feedback on the success of our class as a whole. We used our results to review the material and to locate troublesome areas. I was excited to see that the kids were super engaged.

Tally Marks

Next week I will be more strict with tallies. Problem areas continue to be:

  • Being prepared
  • Being responsible


We practiced one of our math concepts this week with a SCOOT activity. The kids loved it and did a great job. I love that they are up and moving! Check out the pictures at the bottom of the newsletter. Each desk has a task. Students begin at a desk with a recording sheet. They complete that task and when I say, "Scoot!" they move to the next desk. This continues until we return to our starting point. This week we had over 12 people with perfect record sheets!

Important Dates

  • Monday, September 7 - Labor Day (No School)
  • Wednesday, September 9 - Insect Collections Due, Bible Truths 6-10 Quiz
  • Friday, September 4 - Bible Verse Quiz (Psalm 103:10), Spelling Test, Science Chapter 2 Test
  • Wednesday, September 23 - Noon Dismissal; Grandparents Day
  • Thurs. & Fri., September 24-25 - SCACS No School

This Week's Highlights

Snack Time

Thank you for the healthy snacks you are sending in for your kids each day. Please remember no juice or liquid snacks (applesauce, fruit cups, yogurt).