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where is Finland

Finland is by Sweden and Russia and a little part of Norway.The oceans that they are by is the Pacific and Arctic oceans.
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Why did Finland came to the United States

They came to the U.S in the 1920 and 1930.They came in that time because they heard about the gold found in California and they came for freedom and better jobs.They came for farming.
Finnish national anthem
Regional dance from Finland

Fun Facts

They have over 188000 lakes and 98000 islands.There drivers have won more world rally's then any other country.Finland athletes have won more summer Olympic medals then any other nation.Finland is the worlds biggest coffee drinkers.The first Finnish immigrants came to U.S. was 1640's.They invented ice skates and air guitars and sauna's.
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Finnish Pancakes recipe

2 eggs
1 teaspoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup white flour
1 cup milk (we use buttermilk in our recipe)
2 tablespoons butter, melted
butter, used for frying (extra)

1. Use a bowl large enough to hold all ingredients.
2. Beat eggs, sugar and salt together.
3. Add flour, milk (1% or 2% can also be used) and melted butter.
4. Beat with whisk or hand mixer until not lumpy.
5. Adjust the mixture by adding additional milk to thin it. Thinner mixture works better.
6. You can make the mixture ahead of time and refrigerate; however you will need to add additional milk to thin it for frying.
7. Heat a non-stick pan at medium-low, add butter to coat the surface; use only enough to coat the pan. (We use a cast-iron mini-round indented pan for ours that acutally came from Sweden - thanks for reminding me to add this!).
8. While lifting the pan by the handle with one hand, pour some of the mixture onto the frying pan.
9. Tilt the pan so that the mix coats the surface of the frying pan; return to heat.
10. Cook until the crepe starts to brown; cook the other side until brown circles start to form.
11. Move the crepe around the pan to keep the pan greased and remove the crepe.
12. You can put sugar, jams or preserves onto the crepe and roll up to eat, or just dip and eat off of the plate. Serve with strawberry jam and whipped cream for the traditional Finnish dish.
13.They don't stay hot for long, so eat up while you can or there won't be any left for you!

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What they brought to the U.S.

They brought ice skates,air guitars and sauna's.

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