Ares, Be Careful What you Wish for

By: Matt W, Adam R, and Andy W

Ares, The Myth, The Legend, The God

The myth of Ares, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus.

One day, Ares was in Mount Olympus and realized something. He loved Aphrodite. Ares had a problem, Aphrodite was married. The biggest problem was she was married to Hephaestus he was the man that made all of his weapons and shields. Ares decided to ask Aphrodite if she loved him. Aphrodite said she did. But now they needed to find a way to see each other. The plan was Ares would ask for a sword shield and 2 spears everyday. He would go with Aphrodite somewhere no one would find them, however the sun god saw them. He gave Ares and Aphrodite 1 week to change without telling them. 1 week passed and nothing happened. The sun god told Hephaestus and he made a chain-linked net and while Aphrodite and Ares were together he through the net over them and embarrassed them in front of all the gods. Weeks past and Ares and Aphrodite still were seeing each other and all the gods were jealous.

The end.

Q and A Ares

Q: So, Ares, how have all the wars been treating you?

A: Good. I have been a little beaten and battered over the thousands of years, but it doesn’t matter. I’M IMMORTAL!

Q; I was just thinking of all our “good” times we had together like you stealing my my wife. What do you have to say about that?!

A: It was out of love. Plus Aphrodite loved me to. And I didn’t think you would find out with all of the work you do.

Q: True, but it doesn’t matter anymore I got back at you and embarrass you in front of all the gods.

Q: Anyway, I was wondering what was your favorite war?

A: Honestly, I preferred the Titan war over all of the other. It was fun to fight my father's Aunts and uncles.

Q: Well we are out of time thanks Ares for coming.

A: No problem Hephaestus.

Ares Standing Next to a War Hero Differences and Similarities

Audie Murphy v. Ares God of War

How are they alike?

  • Served in many wars
  • Have many honors due to the war
  • Have killed many people
  • Abandoned by parents
  • Skilled militants
How are they different?

  • Audie Murphy hated the war
  • Audie died, Ares is immortal
  • Audie didn't coward, Ares was a coward
  • Audie lost his best friend, Ares friends were immortal
  • Ares lived in Mt. Olympus, Audie lived in Hollywood

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