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Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine

Bad medicine

The song Bad Medicine is the perfect example of how lady Macbeth was the cause of Macbeth's killing spree. The song helps to explain how Macbeth's wife pressures him into killing Duncan, because although the witches put the thought into his mind he still didn't try to pursue the crown. His wife causes him to start killing and causes him to get so deep in blood that he can't stop killing, his emotions become numb and all he can think of is to stay alive and with the crown. So, when the song says that he wants 'bad medicine' it is also referring, most likely unknowingly, to Macbeth wanting to kill more and more just to keep the crown and please his wife.
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What Is Seen as Kind

As it shows in Snow White, kindness isn't always given with the best intentions. for example, the wicked queen gives Snow White a poison apple and hides her true identity with the use of magic. Snow White falls for the evil act of the witch and goes into a deep slumber. This story ,or part of it, can show as example of what happens to Macbeth whenever he listens to what his wife says.

Who is to Blame?

Although, the witches were the first to put the thought of killing Duncan into Macbeth's mind, they aren't the ones to blame for his wicked acts. Many people may believe that the witches or even Macbeth himself are to blame for his evil deeds but I believe that the fault is on Lady Macbeth. Macbeth was too loyal to Duncan kill him without a push, and so Lady Macbeth gave him that final push into murder ,"Only look up clear. To alter favor ever is to fear. Leave all the rest to me", what Lady Macbeth is saying is that if Macbeth changes his opinion he is a coward(act 1, scene 5, line 84). Throughout reading I could tell that Lady Macbeth was more of the pants in her relationship with Macbeth, especially considering that she had this strange greediness about her in the start of the story,"Great Glamis! worthy Cawdor! Greater than both, by the all-hail hereafter! Thy letters have transported me beyond This ignorant present, and I feel now The future in the instant"(act 1, scene 5, line 61). Also, Lady Macbeth creates covers for her husband throughout the story whenever he has outburst caused by his foul deeds,"The fit is momentary; upon a thought He will again be well"( act 3, scene 4, line 70). Even though Lady Macbeth was the cause of Macbeth's dark plans, she seems to loose her mind.

Three Literary Devices Throughout Macbeth

  • Dynamic Character: "This disease is beyond my practice"(act 5, scene 1, line 57) In the beginning of the book Lady Macbeth is seen as ambitious, strong willed, and determined. Towards the end of the book she is seen as insane. The doctor believes her illness of the ind is beyond him, as he says in the sleep walking scene.

  • Symbolism: "A dagger of the mind..."(act 2, scene 1, line 57) Macbeth is hallucinating a dagger which symbolizes his chance to kill Duncan and become King.

  • Aside: "If it were done 'tis done, then 'twere well..."(act 1, scene 6, line 1)Macbeth is questioning to himself if he should kill Duncan or not
Talladega Nights Movie Trailer

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

In the movie Talladega Nights, Ricky Bobby has a manipulative wife, Carley Bobby, that is only after his money. In the movie Ricky is a race car driver, after loosing a race and being put in a mental hospital his wife leaves him for his close friend. After reading Macbeth I saw shocking similarities between the wives in the stories, both seem to want to push their husband to rise to the top.