The Awesome Game of Bubble Football

By: David Pawlak, Ethan Blackmore, and Andrew Ghanayem

Have you ever played soccer in a bubble? The sport is called bubble football. The rules are the same as normal soccer, but there is one difference... you bump into people.The place you usually play the game is in Norway and Europe.The sport was first played in 1939. A person posted a video of bubble football as a joke,in 2011 then people started playing the sport.

The bubble around them is huge, plastic, and inflatable. Your arms are stuck to your side of your body.In bubble football they wear normal shoes. There's eleven people on each team and two goals to shoot at. Each team has different kind of jerseys.They play on a regular soccer field.You can not roll on the ground.

The sport is very hard to play. The soccer ball is really soft. Only teenagers and adults play the game.That how bubble football is played.

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