Prisoner B-3087

By: Alan Gratz


This book's genre is realistic fiction
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Main character description

The name of the main character is Jacob but they call him Yanek. He is a very unlucky Jew and he is gets locker up in 10 concentration camps

Problem Main Character

Yanek is in trouble. He lived when World War 2 happened, when the Holocaust started. He is a Jew and all the Jews are being brought to all these concentration camps
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Is the Character successful at his goal

Yanek's goal is to survive all the camps and see his family. At the end of the book his goal was successful to survive the camp but there was a conflict.

Details about the action

The book talks about what it is like in the ten concentration camps. All the threates, the killings, food problems, and the life inside locked up

My favorite part

My favorite part was when he survived one of the camps because you are very excited that he went through one camp.


I recomend that you read this book because you will get hooked immediately. It is a dramatic page flipping book


It is 4.7 out of 5 stars very good book -Amazon


This book is very dramatic and disturbing and very sad - Jacob


This book is based on a true story by RUTH and Jack GRUENER - on book