Contrasting veiwpoints

on the Treaty of Waitangi

Hone Heke (Ngapuhi)

Hone Heke is for signing the treaty of Waitangi because he thinks that without the Crowns (Queen Victoria) laws and the missionaries bad things will happen to New Zealand but good things will come with the help from missionaries and Hobson. Heke had a strong relationship with Henry Williams and he thought with the authority of Williams the Maori chiefs would be protected. Hone Heke told Hobson that he should stay because he is like a father to the Maori and if he didn't stay the French and the rum sellers would take over the Maori.


Moka thought that the treaty was not needed because his thought was that the Maori did not need a governor because they could governor their own land. Moka and his brother Rewa both spoke against the treaty proposed by the Crown. Moka brought up the topic of the illegal land transactions by some certain Europeans. Moka said "Let the Governor return to his own country: let us remain as we were. Let my lands be returned to me - all of them - those that are gone with Baker. Do not say, 'The lands will be returned to you.' Who will listen to thee, O Governor? Who will obey thee? Where is Clendon? Where is Mair? Gone to buy our land notwithstanding the book [proclamation] of the Governor."

By Tyla Fell