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Pennsylvania’s State Assessment System measures the academic performance of students using the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Exam. All students are included in this PSSA testing, with exclusions for only a very few students. The PSSA assessment provides schools with valuable information about student achievement and program quality.

This year the testing at Holicong will occur during the testing windows listed below.


Grade 8

March 11, 12, 13

Reading and Math

Grades 7 & 8

April 8-10 & April 15-17


Grade 8

April 22 & 23

What if students do not achieve proficiency on the grade 7 and 8 assessments?

In middle school, students who do not score proficient on the grade 7 or 8 PSSA tests will be provided supplemental support from their classroom teachers for mathematics and reading.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be provided appropriate support as determined by their IEP team.

For More Information....

Please see the Information for Parents handout from the Pennsylvania Department of Education posted on the Parent Resources section of the Central Bucks website. This flyer and other information about the test and about test security, including a cell phone ban in testing rooms can be found under Curriculum & Assessment and provides more detailed information about each test and overall testing procedures.

The Central Bucks School District is committed to helping each student reach proficiency levels and to providing extra assistance for anyone who has not yet reached that level. As always, we ask your support in reinforcing the importance of these tests and helping your child do his or her best work.

Congratulations to Jason K. who will be representing Holicong at the State Level of the National Geographic Bee on April 5.

7th Grade Boys' Basketball

Holicong's 7th Grade Boys' Basketball Team joins Holicong's 7th Grade Girls' Basketball Team in finishing the season with an undefeated record. The scores of all the boys' games are listed below.

Holicong vs. Lenape - 32-19

Holicong vs. Tohickon - 29-20

Holicong vs. Unami - 26-20

Holicong vs. New Hope - 30-12

Holicong vs. Tamanend - 42-28

Holicong vs. Lenape - 42-17

Holicong vs. Richboro - 36-20

Holicong vs. Unami - 33-20

Holicong vs. Newton - 46-32

Holicong vs. Tamanend - 40-13

Holicong vs. Holland - 43-34

Congratulations boys on a tremendous 11-0 season!

MathCounts Competition

This past Saturday, March 2nd, the Holicong MathCounts team participated in the Bucks County chapter MathCounts competition at William Tennent High School. The team, which consisted of team captain Sambhav J., Olivia Q., Rachel C., Cindy N., and Maggie M. placed 10th in the competition. Rachel C. placed 28th in the individual competition out of over 100 students. Congratulations for all of your hard work! Also, a special thank to Jenny Z. for leading the group throughout the past few months.

Asset of the Month

Many factors influence why some young people have successes in life and why others have a harder time. Economic circumstances, genetics, trauma, and many other factors play a role. But these factors-which seem difficult, if not impossible, to change-aren’t all that matters. Search Institute, a nonprofit, independent research organization based in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, has identified 40 concrete, positive experiences and qualities -- developmental assets--that have a tremendous influence on young people’s lives and choices. Research shows that the 40 developmental assets help young people make wise decisions, choose positive paths, and grow up competent, caring, and responsible.

To further promote the 40 Assets in the community, the Boomerang Award was created. The Boomerang Award is a student recognition program sponsored by CB Cares, Outback Steakhouse in Jamison, and the Bucks County Herald. This program recognizes the students for living by a 40 Asset principle highlighted for the each month.

The Asset for March

March’s Asset is #28 Integrity. Young person acts on his/her convictions and stands up for his/her beliefs. Young person talks openly about what he/she believes in and values: they “talk the talk and walk the walk.”

If you know a student who meets the above description, nominate that student by completing the nomination form .

Anyone can nominate a student for the Boomerang Youth Recognition Award. All nominations must be submitted to Mrs. Kleeman dkleeman@cbsd.org by March 22.

News From Aramark...

Aramark continues to offer a variety of lunch and breakfast items to students at Holicong. For recent news, please review Aramark's latest newsletter.

Writing PSSA - 8th Grade

Monday, Mar 11th, 7:30am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

Writing PSSA - 8th Grade

Tuesday, Mar 12th, 7:30am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

Writing PSSA - 8th Grade

Wednesday, Mar 13th, 7:30am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

3rd Marking Period Progress Reports

Wednesday, Mar 13th, 8am

Holicong Rd

Doylestown, PA

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