Child Abuse

By: Joey Finnegan

Immediate & Long Term Risk Factors

The immediate risk factors are also the long term risk factors at the same time. What can happen in resolute of child abuse is a ton of health issues like damage to the eyes, ears, brain, arms, legs, vital organs etc.... Mental health is different for child abuse theirs a chance of getting mental retardation, dependency on drugs and alcohol, they suffer from mental and psychological damage. There is so meany more the list can go on for miles.

Media Influences

The media has some effects on child abuse. The media doesn't really show about child abuse. They show more about child hunger then anything. That's all on t.v. Now online theirs a different story they show more then on t.v. but they still don't show enough for it to take an affect on the way anyone looks or feels about it. It would be better if there was more awareness then there is.

Interpersonal Commutation

There are meany place you can go to get help. Talking is the most important part of trying to help your self out. Talk to anyone you trust. They should listen and try to get you help. People will listen. Law enforcement will listen and take action. Also any therapist will listen and help with your fear and any other issues you are willing to talk about.


The way child abuse is handled in the law system. There are stricter punishments for abusers. The place and people that you would go to get help are better educated then before. Also there are more opportunities to talk to someone about what is going on.