Old Yeller

By Fred Gipson

Dear Mrs. Miller

The book Old yeller by Fred Gipson is an amazing story. There is a very important lesson in this story about the responsibility that a young child must take when his father has to leave for a very long time. This book has many interesting things going on in a short period of time. The thing that hit me in my feelings most in this book is the connections between man and dog. Not only the loving bond but the hatred and despising relationship that it came from.

The book Old Yeller by Fred Gipson has won 2 John Newbery awards. My opinion on that is, why was it only those 2 awards? This book in my belief should deserve more. The community that gave this book the award believed that it was a life changing stories that need to be remembers for years and years. What I would say about the way this story is laid and and told is that it's very organized going from detail to detail. Even when Travis is laying in the woods waiting for the perfect shot on the doe I can feel his suspense on when the time will come. The way that the author explained the way the doe fell to the ground was in amazing descriptions.

One of the last things I want to say about this book is that, I can relate the old yeller dog to my old dog Jake. Jake was thieving, annoying, loving, tan, but he ended up being the best dog there is. The book Old Yeller was based on the loyalty and relationship between a dog and his master. There's is no greater bond then what comes from that relationship.

Your cutest student,