Saving the Blue Crab


What can the government do to help the blue crabs?

The department will attach to the different kinds of licenses crabbers can have. Also major restrictions the crabbers can have. If the government does something about the innumerous raw sewage.

What can the citizens do to help the blue crabs?

Citizens can help by not overfishing. Also by not taking crabs that are not the right size and obeying by the law. The blue crabs has been at risk because of the reduced catches by Chesapeake Bay crabbers.

What can farmers do to help the blue crabs?

Farmers can grow their crops. the blue crabs like this because algae grows and protects them when they need to hide. Using irrigation ponds on farms helps to grow blue crabs.

What can the watermen do to help the blue crabs?

The blue crab stock is not overfished and overfishing is not occurring. Watermen also help by the seafood industry; to help co-manage the fishery into a thriving future.