Mrs. Berger's Second Grade News

December 4, 2015

Here is what is going on in class!

  • Keep encouraging your child to be proud of their work! Everything that we do should be quality work and we should be excited to show it off. Please continue to help your child do this at home and work on handwriting. I have seen improvements in work quality and can't wait to see even more!
  • Reader’s Workshop: We are done with our mysteries. We are moving forward with historical fiction. The book reports have been amazing- I have enjoyed hearing the presentations and seeing everyone's items. Students have gained a better understanding of what historical fiction is.
  • Writer’s Workshop: We have several small moments compiled in our writing folders. We will look at them and evaluate them and then move onto revising one piece we have chosen. Our writing has come along so much! We have added good leads, details, dialogue, setting, and onomatopoeia just to name a few of our writer's tricks. We have talked about what it is to focus on one small moment in time and make it come alive. It was great to share your writing during conferences. We have DLR quizzes on Fridays to reinforce grammar skills.
  • Math Workshop: We have started our new unit on Addition within 200. We are talking about place value and writing numbers over 100. We are also continuing to look at story problems and review what we already know in math.
  • Spelling: Homework packets came home today. Please, when studying spelling, reinforce the rules that are associated with each list. We may put words with rules from previous lessons on tests to assess if the students are mastering the spelling rules. I suggest doing dictation for spelling practice; give sentences that include spelling words, sight words, and reinforce sentence writing.

Other Notes

  • The book orders are here! I will contact people to pick up their books.
  • Our Book Fair shopping day is Tuesday, December 8! Please see the note that was in the Friday Folder regarding shopping.
  • Please send a healthy, easy to eat, peanut free snack daily.
  • Please send sneakers on days we have gym.
  • It was great to see everyone at conferences!

Our December Visitor!

We have a visitor for the month of December!

It's our "Moose on the Loose"!

He came on December 3. As a class, we voted on his name. It is Mr. Michigan State Moose or Mr. Moose for short. He also goes by Mr. MSU Moose.

Everyone is excited to see where he is each day. We are writing about him and his adventures!

Mr. Michigan State Moose was hanging out on the windowsill with the other critters!

Big image

Important Dates


  • 4rh- Pixie Shop
  • Scholastic Book Fair- week of December 7
  • Our class book shopping day- December 1:00-1:30
  • 9th- Late Start
  • 14th- PTA Meeting
  • 16th- Late Start
  • 21st- Break begins
  • January 4th- School resumes