Spanish Class Happenings

La Clase de Sra. Gasque - Week of: 3/23/15

Spring Break Build-Up!!!

We are 2 weeks away from Spring Break and everyone is chomping at the bit! We have lots of work ahead of us so please help me encourage our students to stay focused while we are here. Tutoring is on Wednesdays as usual until 4:15. I hope to see everyone with less than 80% here for help!

I have also added a few helpful links below... enjoy!

Spansh 1 - Traditional

This week we are combining concepts to perfect our writing ability! We are adding the ability to compare things as well. We are already familiar with asking and answering questions but we are taking a more in-depth look at that as well. Students should expect some mini quizzes as well to "encourage" them to do their work on a daily basis. We pushed back our project to add some of these concepts to them. The good news is that we have already done over half of the written work that will be needed for them!

Monday: 2.3 Station work

Tuesday: Comparisons and Project

Wednesday: Interrogatives

Thursday: Project work day

Friday: Projects due and Quiz day

Spanish 1 Block

Busy Block Class! We finished up our presentations today! Please remind our students to practice using what they have learned around the house. They should be able to name articles of clothing, colors and describe people and things in Spanish! If not, that is an indicator that they need to do more memorizing of vocabulary words. Below is the agenda we are following this week.

Monday: Practice Quiz rev. (Article/Noun/Adj. Agreement)

Tuesday: S.G review and Tener Stations

Wednesday: Exam and intro vocab 1.3

Thursday: 1.3 Family Vocabulary Introduction and videos

Friday: Tener Quiz and review Possessive Adjectives

Spanish 2 Traditional

Hooray!!! We are steadily moving forward and ready to keep applying what we have been learning about talking about the past. (A common theme of the semester). We will continue to incorporate Object Pronouns as we discuss the past. This is a challenge as we use them often in English but we usually do not put much thought into them. We are about to wrap up this topic soon so encourage our students to come to tutoring if they are having a hard time with them. Below is the agenda for this week - enjoy!

Monday: 2.3 Vocabulary,

Tuesday: test review

Wednesday: Vocabulary, DOP and IOP Review (worksheet)

Thursday: DOP and IOP Review and Double Object Pronouns (worksheet)

Friday: DOP and IOP Quiz and Double Object Pronouns

Spanish 2 Block

We are swiftly moving forward in our quest to the finish line! We have now learned quite a bit about using the Preterit tense to discuss specific events in the past. We are ready to take our exam this Wednesday and start the new unit working with more vocabulary. Memorization comes with practice so please encourage our students to learn their vocabulary by practicing at home as much as possible.

The agenda for this week is below. Please encourage your child to attend tutoring sessions if he/she is struggling.

Monday: 1.2 Vocab, Nationalities and Demonstratives (The Monsters)

Tuesday: 1.3 Vocab, S.G. Review

Wednesday: Preterit Exam and New Vocabulary

Thursday: Vocabulary and Imperfect Intro

Friday: Imperfect Practice w/vocabulary w/mini quiz