hopeful and persistence

by Jack Zielinski

compare and contrast

Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were both great men who changed our world for the better. Both of these men invented machines that furthered the civilizations of the world. Both of these men also made many attempts to perfect their invention. These men also encouraged others to follow in their footsteps and create new inventions that could change the world.

Although both Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell share similarities they do in fact differ. Thomas Edison made an invention for sight where as Alexander Graham Bell made an invention for hearing. Thomas Edison went to Cooper Union for his college education and Alexander Bell got his college education from London University.

To conclude Alexander Graham Bell and Tomas Edison share similarities but at the same time differ.


Grammy Award winning singer/song writer Sam Smith is very successful, but he wasn't always that way. When Sam Smith was starting out he was appealing to public opinion and started to lose weight. He got extremely skinny and he was making music the he and other people didn't like. he wasn't being himself and that's why he wasn't succeeding.

Sam Smith finally started being himself and he was starting to become recognized. He started music which he and his adoring fans both loved. Before Sam Smith knew it he was winning awards left and right. Once Sam Smith became himself again he was able to do amazing things.

problem solution

When Archimedes was requested to find out if some shady smithers had cheated the king he had a lot of trouble. He wanted to calculate the volume so it would tell him the purity but it had an odd shape so he couldn't do it that way. He was having a ton of trouble so he decided to take a bath to relax. When he got it he noticed the water level rose and then it hit him. He tell if it was real gold by putting a solid gold crown n the tub then measure how much the water rose and then do the same with the crown the smithers gave to the king. He found out that they had cheated the king and he had discovered a new way to measure things. Archimedes never stopped trying to solve his problem and I think we can all learn something fro this.

Cause and effect

The lead singer of "Escape the Fate" was doing great until he was arrested for the use of drugs and several other felonies. He was kicked out of "Escape the Fate" which broke his heart.

While he was in prison he Created a new band named "Falling in Reverse". He meet with band members during prison visitations and discussed the songs, melodies, and many other things. When he got out of prison "Falling in Reverse" was a massive hit.

Ever since he got out of prison he has been sober and drug free. He never gave up on his dream of making music and inspiring people. He never gave up hope that he was going to have a happy ending.


"Breaking Benjamin". One of the greatest rock bands of our time. They were on a roll until three out of four of the band mates wanted to stop playing. Ben Burnley, the lead singe, was the only one who didn't want to quit. So they went their separate ways.

Ben Burnley spent the next several years picking out new band members and creating music. Ben Burnley writes all of the music, melodies, and everything else. It took Ben Four long years but he did it, like he always does.

"Breaking Benjamin" is now back up on their feet with new band members and a new sense of confidence. No matter what happened Burnley he just kept going, which is shown by their upcoming album "Dark Before Dawn", which is released June TwentyThird


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