Joses life slide

Jose arrugama 4A

Where im from

I was born here in houston texas and i was raised by mom dad and my older half brother rubiel

First 2 years of life

The first two years of my life i was raised by my father and brother since my grandfather was very ill so my mother left to take care of him and left me with my brother and my dad so i Was raised by both of them for a bit

First time playing baseball

I was about nine years old when i played my first real baseball game i didnt really know exactly what to do so i just winged it until in one of my games i got hit in the arm and decided to quit baseball and started playing again until i was 13


I had started writing music when i was eleven because it was a way for me to get away of whats around me and to let some things out through music around the age of 13 i stopped writing music . But now im writing again

My life now

Now a days i write music and play baseball for my highschool and work hard to succeed in my future