Project Graduation

May Meeting Notes

This is a reminder that we will have our May meeting for Project Graduation this Thursday at 6:30pm in the NHS cafeteria.

Some updates:

-We are booked for Defy Gravity and Jungle Rapids. Deposits have been paid

-T-shirts have been designed, and the screen-printer is ready to go

-We have raised enough money to go on the trip. We need some additional funds for prizes and food.

-We will have to pay for bus drivers, as we have no staff members that have volunteered to drive.

-Student/guest registrations are due this week

Business this month:

-We have not had a recent update on planning for food. This was discussed at the April meeting, and is the primary focus now. We will discuss and plan on Thursday.

-If anyone has connections for food donations, please let me know how much they can donate, and details on picking it up on the 11th.

-We will solidify details for the logistics (security/check-in) at this meeting.

-We will plan the upcoming meetings (including the setup times)

-Where are we on prize donations?


Week of 5/2: Sponsorships due

Week of 5/2: Registrations due

May 5: Meeting - 6:30pm - NHS Cafeteria

May 19: Meeting - 6:30pm - NHS Cafeteria

June 2: Meeting - 6:30pm - NHS Cafeteria

TBD: Setup / Make T-shirt and wristband packs

June 11: Project Grad Night

See you on Thursday!

Brad Staley