Captain Isaac Paine School

August - Back To School -Principal Update

August 24, 2021

Dear CIP Families and Staff,

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer vacation! It seems like just yesterday that I was wishing you all a happy summer. Wow! summer vacation flew by. I hope you all rested, enjoyed time with family and friends, and were able to have some fun during your weeks off from school. I can't wait to hear about all of the adventures you may have had this summer!

Welcome Back to CIP and to another great school year! I look forward to seeing all of you back at school next week! Even though things may not be exactly how we expected them to be at the start the year, I am confident that we can do this TOGETHER once again!

I thank you in advance with your patience and flexibility as our protocols and procedures are constantly changing based on guidance and mandates from the state and department of health. Your cooperation and support is always greatly appreciated.

As a reminder, we are returning in full in person learning this year. If a child is absent only asynchronous learning will be provided as an option. Zoom will no longer be an option.

Please keep in mind that this can be subject to change due to state mandates. All students learn best in person and that is our ultimate goal at CIP! We welcome you all back in person!

Please reach out with any questions and/or concerns.

Mrs. Marcella Terranova Clark


*Please contact Mrs. Soares or myself with any questions or concerns @ 647-5100 or via email @ and @

Updated Information For The Start Of The School Year- 2021-2022~

*Student First Day - Grades 1-5 is Wednesday, September 1st.

*Pre-k and K Students will begin on Tuesday, September 7th.

Meet/Greet and Orientations will take place on September 1, 2, 3 by appointment only for all Pre-K and K students. Please check email and mail for information from our Pre-k and K teachers.

ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL- School Day: 9:05am-3:30pm- All K-5 Students!

Classes will begin at 9:05 a.m.

Students should not be dropped off earlier than 8:55 a.m. because there is no supervision until 8:55 a.m. Please do not park in front of the building. These lanes are reserved for the school buses. If you are dropping off your child in grades K-5, please go through the drive through lane in the parking lot near the Preschool/K playground. For safety reasons, please park in the designated area if you need to help a child out of the vehicle. A teacher assistant(s) will be stationed at this area to greet the students from 8:55-9:04 a.m. Students will then go straight to their classrooms until the start of the school day. A.M. preschoolers only will be dropped off between 9:05 and 9:10. Preschool parents are expected to follow the drop off loop (to the right of the building). If you need to help your child out of the vehicle, parents will park in the designated parking area and walk their child to the sidewalk where a preschool staff member is present. For safety reasons, please park if you need to help a child out of the vehicle. A preschool staff member will escort the child into the preschool classroom. If parents arrive after 9:10, our staff will not be at the side door. Parents will need to escort their child in through the main office and sign in. Masks and social distancing is required at all times when inside the school building.

PreK Times Only For AM/PM Sessions:

9:05-9:10-AM drop off by Prek Playground

11:40- PM-Pick up by the Prek Playground

12:15 -12:30 -PM drop off by Prek Playground

2:50-PM pick up by Prek Playground

*Please do not drop off students without an adult/staff present at the drop off designated area.


If you and your K-5 child arrive past 9:05, your child will be considered tardy. You must accompany him/her to the office where a pass will be issued to enter class. Please do not drop your child off in front of the school. There is no outdoor supervision after 9:05 a.m., and we need your signature on the tardy form in the office. Parents need to escort children into the building if they are tardy. Please use the main entrance. Please enter the building with a mask.


If your child needs to be dismissed prior to 3:30, please complete the Early Dismissal form sent home with your child (also found on the website and in the main office). Unless in the case of an emergency, we ask that you avoid calling the school to let them know of the early dismissal. Learning happens up until the last minutes of the day. When we have to call down to a classroom to dismiss students early, we interrupt the learning of the entire class. All students who are being dismissed early must be signed out at the office. No student will be released to another adult other than a parent, unless directions to that effect are received in writing the morning of the dismissal.

CIP Dismissal Form 2021-2022


  • A.M. Preschool Parents will pick up their students at the pick up door near the preschool/K playground.

  • Students that ride the bus will all be dismissed beginning at 3:20p.m.

  • Students that are being picked up will be dismissed beginning at 3:18-3:23 p.m. (Last names A-L) and 3:24-3:30pm (Last names M-Z.) Please park in the south parking lot and come to the door near the kindergarten playground for after school pick up.

  • Students who will be pick-ups must be sent to school with a note (yellow slip preferred) they will be picked up. This note will remain in the office and a pick up list will be distributed daily. Please do not call the office with this information as we will have to call into the classroom to let your child’s teacher know, thus interrupting the learning of the entire class.

  • Please be prepared to show picture identification (ex. driver’s license) when signing out your child. Students will not be released to another adult unless that adult is on the student’s Biographical Information Sheet/ASPEN. This adult will need to show a picture identification as well.

  • Once you have received your child, please exit the building immediately so the area will be clear for student dismissal.

*If you are "picking up" classroom materials please avoid arrival and dismissal times since this will interfere with safety. Materials can be "picked up" until 4:15 pm daily.

All Materials will be placed in the front foyer by grade levels in bins. Please buzz the office to retrieve materials.

NEW News & Updates~

  • Our Summer Program ended on August 5th. A big thank you to: Mrs. Vernon, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Peterson, Ms. Salvadore, Ms. Obiurka, Mrs. Vangel , Mrs. Verducci and Mrs. Soares for their hard work and dedication to our students this summer. Thank you to all our students and families for your attendance and support.

  • The custodians worked hard cleaning and getting our building ready for the start of school this summer. Thank you to Mr. Tigges and Mr. Yaskovic for your hard work this summer in getting our school ready!

  • Classroom assignments were sent home earlier this month. Please contact the office if you did not receive a placement letter for your child.

  • Supply lists are posted on our website.

  • Congratulations to Ms. Erica Regan! Ms. Regan will be The Principal Secretary/Administrative Assistant this upcoming school year!

  • Congratulations to Erin Thompson! Mrs. Thompson will be our additional Math Specialist/Instructional Coach at CIP for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Congratulations to Katie Asatrian! Mrs. Asatrian will be our additional Reading specialist/Instructional Coach at CIP for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Congratulations again to Cailin Healey! Ms. Healey will be our Art Teacher at CIP! Welcome! Art Teacher Letter

  • Congratulations to Taylor Duclos! Ms. Duclos will be our new grade 1 teacher.

  • Grade 1 Teacher

  • Check out our new sidewalk in our parent drop off/pick up area!

  • Check out our new signs in front of the building!

A Message From Our Bus Drivers~

All students need to have an adult present at their bus stop for am and pm. Students can not be boarding or exiting busses on their own since we do not have bus monitors in Foster. Also, please have your child dress for the weather. Masks must be worn on the bus at all times.

No Cell Phones/Computers on the bus! Please refer to The CIP Handbook and Cell Phone Policy.

*Please inform your bus driver if your child will not be riding the bus due to illness.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Bus Routes 2021-2022

Information can also be found on our school's website:

Attendance Matters- Always!

Attendance Letters are sent home monthly to CIP families if their child has 10 or more unexcused absences, tardies, and/or early dismissals.

At CIP we inspire students to become life long learners and responsible citizens in our community by providing a challenging and supportive environment. One of our goals at CIP is to prepare our students for success. Attendance Matters!

According to RI General Law 16-18-1 every child is required to attend public school during all the days and hours that the public schools are in session in the city or town the child resides. Students are therefore expected to be present each day of the school year unless officially excused. This includes times when distance learning has been fully or partially implemented, and attendance and engagement in continuous educational learning matters the most.

If your child is ill and cannot attend school in person please call the office at 647-5100 and/or email, or use the COVID Hotline 217-5019. to report your child's absent and/or symptoms. Mrs. Verducci, our school nurse is available at

Please call the office at 647-5100 at any time if you are need of support or guidance at home. Our school social worker and school psychologist are also available to help and can be reached at and angela.

*Please keep in mind that EXCUSED Absences, Tardies, and Early Dismissals require a Drs. Note or an excusal from the school nurse. Please reference The CIP Student Handbook.

Updated COVID Guidelines/Procedures~

Updated COVID-19 Information for Families~

Continue to Report and Communicate!

COVID Information:

  • Please refer to the daily COVID Screen prior to entering the school!

  • ***Reporting Probable or Actual COVID-19 Symptoms

  • If you are symptomatic, probable, confirmed, or a close contact please CALL THE NEW HOTLINE: NUMBER:

  • 1-401-217-5019...PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE OR TEXT and/or email @


  • DOH Hotline-K-12

  • *All Staff & Students please see the school nurse with your Attestation Form prior to entering the classroom when returning from an illness. Thank you! Attestation Form

  • *Updated -Outbreak Response Protocols:PK-12 DOH Playbook- 8/18/21

  • This version includes updated quarantine guidance, recommended testing for all close contacts, and clarification on travel guidance.



*Also, all information and copies can be located at our main entrance outside doors for families.

COVID/SICK Reporting~

**Reporting Probable or Actual COVID-19 Symptoms to CIP:

If you are symptomatic, probable, confirmed, or a close contact please CALL THE HOTLINE

NUMBER: 1-401-217-5019...PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE OR TEXT and/or email @


*Please use this hotline if your child is sick. Please remember to use the hotline and/or call the office if your child is absent before 9:05. Phone calls will be made by office staff for all absences and tardies.

*Please try to schedule all vacations in accordance with our school calendar. Please consult with The Department of Health and/or our school nurse with quarantine and testing questions and/or protocols.

*Attendance counts and still counts towards our star rating from the state!

From The Nurse~


  • Please come by the front office to drop off and fill out important paperwork for any medications for your child that are needed in school and need to be stored in the clinic.
  • Please email Mrs. Verducci @ or call 401-647-5100 with any questions.
  • Reminders-

    • Please pack younger students an extra set of clothes in case of an emergency.
    • Please have students dress for the weather. No flip-flops please!
    • Please send hand lotion to school with your child if needed.
    • Please remind students to wash and hand sanitize hands frequently.
    • Please remind students to wash and replace face masks daily.
    • Please keep your child home if they are ill.
    • An Attestation Form is needed from ALL students who return from an absence.
    • Please email Mrs. Verducci @ or call 401-647-5100 with any questions.



*Please direct all TECHNICAL issues to Dr. Du. Please use this contact number:

(1-860-481-3797) You may text or call. Please do not call the school line.

Please contact Dr. Du with any Wifi issues, Zoom concerns, digital program issues and/or chrome book issues.

WIFI Information

*Chromebooks this year will be distributed by classroom teachers and communication will be sent to all families individually in regards to class/home use of technology. This will be dependent on grade levels.

Grade level bins will still be kept outside the main office for retrieval of any school items.


Lunch Menu

* Breakfast/Snack Bags are available as a "grab and go" in the am and lunch is a "grab and go" in the pm. All are FREE to ALL students until December 2021 due to grant funding.

Safety Drills~

Fire, Safety, and Lockdown Drills-

Fire, safety, and lockdown drills are necessary for the safety of students, faculty and staff. State law requires fifteen drills per year. These drills are crucial so staff and students know where to go and how to respond if there was ever an actual threatening situation. All safety procedures are reviewed annually with staff. The school will conduct 15 drills per year following the RIDE requirements and COVID protocols as well as safety guidelines.

* In an event of a fire or potential safety concern families will be notified as soon as possible with an update and instructions if needed. Please avoid contacting and arriving at the school. Our focus first and foremost, is the safety of all the students and staff in the building. Visitors will NOT be allowed in the building during an emergency situation. We have safety procedures and protocols in place to ensure our CIP students and staff are safe. We thank you in advance with your patience and cooperation regarding this matter.

Foster Teacher Of The Year ~ Crystal Apple Award Recipient~

Rebecca Iannuccilli has been awarded the title of Foster's Teacher Of The Year! Ms. Iannuccilli was chosen for this award by her colleagues and CIP families.

Ms. Iannuccilli has many roles at CIP. She is a Special Education Teacher, Behavioral Specialist and a Head Teacher in the Principal's absence at CIP! CIP is lucky to have her on our team!

Mrs. Paulette LaPrade is the recipient of The Crystal Apple Award.

Mrs. LaPrade had been an instructional assistant with Foster for many years. Mrs. LaPrade has retired this year and she will missed by all at CIP. Best Wishes!

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do to support our students, teachers, staff, and families at CIP!

It is a well deserved honor! We are all very proud of the both of you!

Big picture

Foster Teacher Of The Year~

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Crystal Apple Award Recipient~

Mask Update/Social Distancing~

Masks will be addressed at tonight's (8/24) school committee meeting. Please stay tuned for more details and information in regards to the policy.

All social distancing and safety protocols will be followed and changed as guidance is released.

Families and Staff will be notified of any changes as they are updated and released.

Thank you!

Important Dates~

8/24- Foster School Committee Meeting

CIP Cafeteria- 7:15 pm

Student First Day - Grades 1-5 is Wednesday, September 1st.

*Pre-k and K Students will begin on Tuesday, September 7th.

Meet/Greet and Orientations will take place on September 1, 2, 3 by appointment only for all Pre-K and K students. Please check email and mail for information from our Pre-k and K teachers.

September 6th-No School- Labor Day

September 13th- Early Release Day For Students/All Staff Professional Development Day

No PM PreK

September 29th- No School For Students- Asynchronous Day of Learning

Professional Development Day For All Staff

2021-2022 School Calendar~

2021-2022 CIP School Improvement Team

Please consider joining our team! Please email Mrs. Clark with interest at

Resources For Families~

CIP PTO Information~

Foster PTO Information~


Facebook: CIP Foster PTO-



School Year Board

President- Laurie Smith

Vice President- Rachel Rocchio

Treasurer- Stephanie Linhares

Secretary- Lisa Barrentine

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A Paine Panther ROARS!

Mission Statement: At CIP we inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens in our community by providing a challenging and supportive environment!

A Paine Panther ROARS- Respect Others & Respect Self

Vision Statement: All students will become lifelong learners and demonstrate proficiency in academic based national standards. Students will be able to use a growth mindset to meet future challenges and make positive choices.

Positive Office Referrals are distributed to students every Friday by The Paine Panther!

Panther Pride Awards are distributed by The Principal at the end of every trimester.




Paine Panther!

Positive Office Referrals! Paine Panther Visits Every Friday!

Ms. Duclos - Grade1 Teacher

Ms. Duclos- Grade 1 Teacher~

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Our New Sidewalk~

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Our New CIP Signs~

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