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What is Younique?

Do you have people who say Why Younique?!

Younique is a natural-based cosmetics company. We launched in October 2012 and have reached record numbers in growth in a short amount of time. Younique produced $64,000 in sales in January of 2013 and made 4 Million dollars in sales in January 2014, that number is not a sum total since we launched, that number is what we made in ONE MONTH! That gives you an idea of how high quality our products are and how well they sell. There is a huge market for natural-based products, especially cosmetics, and we have only just begun to tap into it.

Our Presenters earn a commission of 20% on every product they sell and start earning 25% on each sale once they've personally sold $1000 in products. Our company is designed to sell products via social media but “in-home” parties are okay if and when the independent Presenter desires.

Once you've paid the $99 start-up fee you will never have another financial obligation with Younique. Your website is free for your duration with the company. Although, having products on hand is beneficial, it is not required. Younique will ship the products straight to your customer so there is no need for you to have an order shipped to your home and then have to re-ship or deliver the products to your customers. Younique charges only $5.50 shipping on orders for less than $100 in the US and orders for more than $100 are shipped for free in the US. We ship all over the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and to all US Military Bases around the world. We will start selling in and shipping to Australia, UK and New Zealand during 2014.

Staying “active” as a Presenter requires that you sale only $125 in products per quarter (every three months).

Younique is a young, fresh, growing company that is not only proving itself as a natural-based cosmetics company but also making a name for itself in the Direct Sales industry.

I would love to answer any questions you have or tell you more about this amazing, time-sensitive opportunity. Please contact me for more information.

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