Michael Young

A true role model.

Childhood and getting ready for baseball

Michael Brian Young was born in California on October 19, 1976 to the parents of Anna and Fred Young. As a child, his mother called him "B" because his middle name was Brian and his dad called him Mikey. Michael went to the University of California, Santa Barbra. From the age of four years old, Michael knew he wanted to be a pro baseball player. As a child, he also enjoyed boxing, not just baseball. Two of his cousins were professional fighters (one being WBO Light Welterweight boxing champion Zack Padilla) and his basketball hero was Magic Johnson.

One truly great role model.

Michael Young is good on and off the field. One of his great successes was winning the All-Star MVP award in 2006. That award proved that he was truly one of the best. He is also the best of the best off the field as well because he and his wife, Cristina, provided a grant to put together a hero's scholarship for Cancer survivors that are planning to go to college.

Not only that...

Young was also a winner of the 2008 and 2011 Marvin Miller Man of the Year awards and is a role model for wonderful character and charity work. Just a little more than a year ago, Young and his wife started The Michael Young Family Foundation to help boost children's social, educational, physical and mental health. Through the foundation, they hosted the inaugural Michael Young Celebrity BaseBOWL Tournament to benefit Wipe Out Kids' Cancer (WOKC). In association with the WOKC Ambassador Program, Young did invite young cancer patients to his Rangers games (since he is now this year with the Phillies he may still be continuing with them) and has provided college scholarships to at least 66 local cancer survivors and Hispanic students through his Young Heroes Scholarship Program.

Family and Hobbies

Young met his wife Christina while in high school and knew he wanted to marry her from the start. They have 3 children, all boys. His hobbies are playing billiards and golf often while not working out or practicing for baseball.

Different Teams he played on


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