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May 13, 2016

IMPORTANT info you NEED to know!

**No Lunch charges month of May; No ice cream sales after today; all fees due to media center and cafe'**

Week of May 16-20:

Monday, 5/16: Genre' Bingo Cards Due, ALL media center books due

Tuesday, 5/17: Book Clubs Meet

Wednesday, 5/18: Metro Gymnastics Party permission slips due; End of year Big 20, PE

Thursday, 5/19: FOCUS 1/2 day (last day)

Friday, 5/20: WEAR CLASS T-Shirt; Wordly Wise Quiz; Last Book Club Meeting; Metro Gymnastics Party 3:30-5:00 PIck up at METRO GYMNASTICS!

Week of May 23-25:

Monday, May 23: WEAR CLASS T-Shirt; 11:00-12:30 Field day; 12:30-1:30 Sack lunch and 4th grade Yearbook signing; 1:30-2:30 EOY Behavior Incentive Ice Cream Bar and Movie, bring beach towel

Tuesday, May 24: 5th grade walk; Write letters to next year's teachers/fourth graders; EOY activities

Wednesday, May 25: LAST DAY of 4th GRADE; report cards come home if fees are paid; EOY team activities

General Announcements

  • 8 days left! Please let us know if your child will be missing any part of a day/days as we have several activities still planned.
  • CHORUS performance and PTA meeting Monday Night!
  • Website:

From Ms. Fenwick

Reading: Our Genre Bingo Card will be due on May 16th!

Book Clubs: All of my reading students have been assigned a "Book Club" book to be counted as either a "Teacher Assigned" book or any needed genre on their Genre Bingo Cards. Book Clubs will meet every Tuesday and Friday during your child's reading time for the rest of the school year for a total of 6 meetings. Students will have chapters to read and a job sheet to complete in preparation for these meetings. These 6 completed job sheets will count as 15 points each and an end of book summary will be counted as 10 points to add up to a 100 point test grade. Their novels should go home and come back to school with them every day as they will have some time to read in class, but also may need to read at home to stay caught up for each book club meeting. Our next meeting is this upcoming Tuesday, May 17th.

Writing: We will review dialogue using a book we will read together, Chicken Sunday. We will also finish writing our autobiographies.

From Mrs. Turner

  • Math: BIG 20 TEST grade 4/18! Year in review, preview 5th grade skills.
  • SS: Year in review, economics
  • Science: Year in review
  • We will also look ahead to next year, write goals, take apart our data notebooks, and close up items for the year.

Don't Forget! (repeat)

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