Chloe's Career

My flyer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

About me!!!

I am Chloe Tuttle.

I am in Harrison Junior High.

I enjoy cheerleading.

I like Netflix.

I value family and god.

I dislike feeling down, or seeing others down.

List interesting facts you discovered with your Four-Person Match from the College & Career Planning site.

One interesting fact is I knew that I would be social lol.

Some questions for my flyer, are below.

A positive self esteem to me is always being happy and upbeat. Also another one of my definitions for a good self esteem is you belive in your self and dont really need others to tell you good job, because you can rely on yourself for it.

Explain the value of determining personal ability in choosing a realistic career based upon your capability.

To me this means the way you act can and will affect your career choice. If you have a bad attitude and a bad personality it will limit the amount of places you will be able to work when you get older.

Develop an understanding of appropriate behavior in the workforce to become successful

To me this means if you have a certain place that you really want to work you need to build up for it and have the correct attitude for it.

Develop an understanding of your personality & how it relates to finding a satisfying career.

My personality can affect the career that I have in the future. It can affect it by without a positive personality you really wont get very far in life. In order to have a good, well paying job you need to have a good personality.


Write the 5 Career Pathways

  1. Family and community services.

  2. Performing arts.

  3. Early childhood development and services.

  4. Professional support services

  5. Marketing communications

Click on Person Match and write the 4 Person Matches

  1. Beauty salon, barber

  2. Psychology professor

  3. Real estate broker

  4. Story teller, consultant

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Write the 5 Career Pathways

  1. Professional support services

  2. Journalism and broadcasting

  3. Teaching and training

  4. Performing arts

  5. Counseling and mental health services

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Write the 5 pathways

  1. Family and community services

  2. Performing arts

  3. Early childhood development and services

  4. Professional support services

  5. Marketing communications