9/11 Theories

By Jasmine Kinnaman

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At 8:14 am September 11, 2001 American Airlines flight 11 out of Boston, Massachusetts was hijacked. Along with three other flights, one for the Pentagon another for the second twin tower and the third for the U.S Capitol. The first flight was headed for the north twin tower. At 8:46 am the hijacked plane hit the north side of the building at 466 mph. Many people were responsible for this act of terrorism including Mohammad ale, Mohammad Atta, and Abdulaziz al-Omari, who all coordinated the attack of 9/11. Why they extremists chose to attack America,well that is slightly unknown, but according to the Bush Administration there motive was "because they hate our freedoms". At the end of September 11, 2001; 2,996 were killed because of the attack and more than 6,000 were injured.

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Controlled Demolition (Perspective 1)

Many people believe that the attack of 9/11 was not only planned by our Government, but also our Government was the ones who attacked us. "Collapse of the World Trade Center was not solely caused by the airliner crash damage that occurred as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the resulting fire damage, but by explosives installed in the buildings in advance."(Wikipedia Pg 1, 2015). Many people believe this to be true because of the timing of the explosions. Just seconds before the second plane crashed into the side of the building an explosion went off, before the plane hit. By-standers and people that were in the building during the crash also have stated that after the planes hit they continued to hear bombs going off. Architects of the twin towers have also stated that these building were meant to withstand the impact of a 707(largest plane) at 600 mph. When the plane that hit the twin tower was only a 407 going 466 mph. The frame work in this building should have resisted the crash, it was built from steel, but somehow the planes made theses building crumble to pieces.



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Terrorist Attack (Perspective 2)

Although there are many different perspectives of what actually happened on September 11, 2001 the main theory is that terrorist attacked America. They belonged to a terrorist group called Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden. "Al Qaeda practices an extreme version of the religion of Islam. The group is intensely opposed to the United States and other Western, democratic nations. They are especially against the military presence of these countries in Arab nations."(Scholastic, Pg 1, 2015). This is the believed reason of why they attacked America. In response to this America sent troops over to pakastain and on May 1, 2011 Osama bin Laden was found hiding and was terminated.



Media Bias Explained

The media is bias towards certain topics because the more dramatic, the better. In this situation they were more bias towards the perspective number two, that the twin towers were attacked by terrorist. The reason why this is what the media reported is because all the evidence that was seen right then and their pointed to a terrorist attack. After seeing two planes hit into the side of a building you start to wonder if it wasn't a mistake and that maybe someone coordinated this. So instantly the media started reporting that america was under attack from a group of people that hijacked planes.

Cultural (Criticism #1)

After the group Al Qaeda attacked america certain restrictions were put into place. Airports became more culture centralized with certain groups that were portrayed as the group Al Qaeda. Many people became afraid of eastern people and were scared that they would attempt to hurt them. By doing this their culture was shunned in america and anyone and everyone that was from the east side of the world was deemed as evil and a terrorist. This is culture criticism because even though there are thousands that are innocent they are condemned as guilty until proven innocent.
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Historical (Criticism #2)

9/11 was a major historical event that impacted a tremendous amount of people. Before 9/11 america had been threatened with a biochemical agent called anthrax. Anthrax is "a rare but serious bacterial illness." The anthrax attack that hit america was the beginning of a war. This is historical criticism because history repeats itself. After 9/11 america will never be the same. This is put down in history so that others can learn from this and learn how to handle a situation like this.