Ipads in the classroom

Research on the Effects of Using iPads

Do the benefits of integrating new technology into classrooms outweigh potential hazards, and is it really worth the high cost of implementing? More importantly, is using this technology justifiable when considering the actual impacts it has had on students' performance? Find out with the latest research on iPads in the classroom here!

Educational Apps

There is an overwhelming amount of resources available for educational use via apps for the ipad. Here is a quick reference list for recommended apps, categorized by content area.
iPad in schools

iPads in Schools

A nice introduction to some of the practical applications of using iPads in the classroom.

How to set up an ipad for schools

Setting Up iPads for Schools

The above video demonstrates step by step how to set up a brand new iPad for use in the classroom.

Apple iPad in Education - High School Case Study

Case Study

The above video shows positive effect which have resulted from the implementation of iPads in a specific high school in the UK.