Boat Safety

By: Sophie H. & Mady W. 7th Hour

This smore is for anyone who is buying a boat or using a boat

Boat Safety

It may look like a wonderful day outside. But until storm clouds cover the sky, and with you still out on the water, your day on the water may have just turned bad. Now you just put yourself into a bad postition. Did you know that your in a aluminum boat, and aluminum conducts electricity? Boating can be very dangerous but not if you know boater's safety.

Why it's an issue?

Boating safety has become a safety issue because of the growing number of deaths or injuries involving a boat. In 2011, drowning was the leading cause of death among boaters. Most boating accidents are collisions that was caused by the operator being intoxicated, driving over the speed limit or not paying attention to the water.

A coast guard rushing into action.


1. Make sure you always check the weather before you go out on your boat.

2. Just like when your in a car, don't drink and drive.

3. Check to make sure boat has the proper safety equipment.

4. Never go out alone.

5. Know your location at all times.

6. It is always good to wear your life jacket.

7. Take a proper boating course if you plan to drive the boat.

Facts and statistics

1. In 2011, the Coast Guard counted 4,558 accidents with boats. Leaving 758 deaths, and 3,081 people injured, and $52 million dollars in damage.

2. 70 percent of all fatal boating accident victims drowned, and of those,

84 percent were not reported as wearing a life jacket.

3. Alcohol use is the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents; it was listed

as the leading factor in 16% of the deaths.

4. Fifteen children under age thirteen lost their lives while boating in 2011. Sixty (60)

percent of the children who died in 2011 died from drowning. Seventy-eight (78) percent of those who drowned were wearing a life jacket as required by state and federal


5. Eight out of every ten boaters who drowned were using vessels less than 21 feet in



If you don't know how to stay afloat, don't ride a boat!