Steven Spielberg's life

The success habits of Steven Spielberg.


  • Winning competitions in hundreds of movies.
  • Selected as representative figures of the 20th century.
He is a very famous person in the world.

  • He won the award
Golden glove---------------------8th.

Academy Awards --------------6th


He almost won the award to every year.

Steven Spielberg's life

  • Childhood

Since his youth interested in movies many, he became a world-class filmmaker.

  • Failure & Overcome

He failed to attend movies school. But he did not give up, became a world-famous film director.

The success habits of Steven Spielberg.

1. Be Proactive.
Since childhood, He shooting film himself. No pressure.

2. Begin with the end in mind.

He want to be movie director. So he make short movie and earn money for make movie. Also he often visit studio and imagine future figure.

3. Put first things first.

His school grade is bad. He can’t study and make film together. So he choose go to universal studio. Because His dream is make a film. Dream is more important than study.

4.Think win-win

Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are rival. James Cameron use emotion capture technology. Steven Spielberg compliment James Cameron and follow him using emotion capture technology. So James Cameron achieve recognition by Steven Spielberg and Steven Spielberg make good movie.

5. Seek first to understand, Then to be understood.

When he go to high school, Students harass Steven.

He don’t fight like them. He understand them first, and try to reconcile. So they become friend.

6. Synergize

Steven Spielberg make a movie that Schindler’s List with Jew partner about Holocaust.

He cooperate with Jew. So he make people in all over the world enlighten about Holocaust.

They teaching people in all over the world.

7. Sharpen the saw.

He already make great movie. But he challenge Auteurism film and fail, he have more effort. After, he win in oscar.

Steven Spielberg's representative


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