(Global Positioning System)


GPS stands for global positioning system, it is like a tracking device, it gives out signals to satellites and shows your exact location. it can show all the places around you, this can be used in cars, on a phone, ipod and many other electronical devices. the royal air force use GSP to see where planes are in the sky or to see what has taken off.
This is a photo of one of the satellites that are used for GPS, this one is especially made for GPS. as you can see the satellite is giving out signals to the earth, aiming at the earth

when did it start being used?

GPS was developed in 1973 and was studied in the 1960's, to become fully operational it would have to be ran by 24 satellites.

how do the military use GPS?

Soldiers and Supplies

the military used GPS to locate soldiers, find objectives, to locate supplies and supply movement.


Missiles use GPS to hit targets accurately, this is also used for missile cameras aswell.


GPS can be used to find downed aircraft like a helicopter and rescue them faster.


The military use GPS to communicate with pilots in an aircraft, soldiers, and anyone who may need contacting.

mobile phones and GPS

the majority of modern day phones have a built in GPS receiver, for example a smartphone uses GPS for navigation and other softwares, a lot of applications use GPS like facebook, facebook uses GPS to say where your location is, another is BBM (blackberry messenger.) this can be used to send your location to anyone, whether its a friend or family.